Vista & Windows Explorer freezing

  MartynHoll 22:13 20 Mar 2008

Does anyone know of an issue where Windows Explorer stops working and then a message comes up that it is restarting?
I have found it where a folder has a lot of big files, the green bar at the top of the screen moves across from left to right but never seems to finish!!

  woodchip 22:16 20 Mar 2008

Have you loaded IE7, all IE links to Explorer so corruption can be from that

  anskyber 22:17 20 Mar 2008

The only time I experienced that effect was when I was unknowingly running a Vista incompatible program.

When I uninstalled the program the Explorer issues stopped.

  MartynHoll 22:20 20 Mar 2008

Yes I do have IE7 loaded

  woodchip 22:26 20 Mar 2008

Can you uninstall it to see if that is the Problem, or If restore goes back far enough try that

  anskyber 22:32 20 Mar 2008

You could download IE7 again.

You cannot uninstall IE7 conventionally with Vista because IE6 will not run on Vista. Only XP will allow IE7 to default to IE6.

If it is a browser problem (which I doubt) try Firefox for Vista and see if you have the same problems.

  anskyber 22:33 20 Mar 2008

How often do you have this problem?

  MartynHoll 22:45 20 Mar 2008

Around 2 or 3 times a week. I did have problems with IE7 working but was told to un-install the add-ons to see which one was corrupting IE7. I did that and got it working again but still having problems with WE!!

  anskyber 22:49 20 Mar 2008

In that case it seems like a program which is at odds with Vista.

Does it occur with a program you have added or is it a standard MS program?

  MartynHoll 10:55 21 Mar 2008

It looks as thought this was due to a rogue file in a folder that was causing WE to freeze. I have now deleted the file and it is working correctly.


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