Vista upgrade question?

  darkster 13:10 06 Jan 2007

Hi all,
I have been recommended Novatech as I am getting confused in my search for a new PC. Their Isys Max 7600 system looks good to me but they don't offer Windows Media Center as a option (Nothing's easy is it?!!). I really wanted this OS as it comes with the free Vista Premium upgrade. If I buy Windows Media OEM and install it myself, would I still be eligible for a free Vista upgrade as I am not a Microsoft certified system builder?

  SupaDashi 13:30 06 Jan 2007

I believe the "Free Vista upgrades" only apply to companies that sell them, I dont think buying MCE is gunna mean you get one, its just most manufacturers offer that operating system and say "if you pay this little bit extra, we'll let you upgrade to Vista", by buying MCE yourself, you dont get a Vista upgrade, I hope that clears it up slightly. Why dont you try Dell or Alienware, they're also rather good, and have multiple upgrade options.

  ed-0 13:40 06 Jan 2007

Yes you can get the vista upgrade if you put an OEM version of MCE. click here

You don't have to be a system builder to qualify. If you buy a mouse with the software, you qualify. Just read the terms closely, to qualify.

  vinnyT 14:22 06 Jan 2007

Hi, is it absolutely vital that you buy the pc now (apart from the just wanting NOW syndrome;P), I ask because if can wait just alittle while longer, you'll be able to buy the pc with vista pre-installed (and maybe save save a few headaches).

  darkster 14:51 06 Jan 2007

@SupaDashi; Thanks, I've been looking at the Dell Dimension E520 recently but ruled them out as the system only has a 305W PSU - this wouldn't be powerful enough for any upgrades I would want to do such as graphics card etc. Also Dell's warranty is invalidated if you open the case in the warranty period so that would not be suitable for me.

@ed-0; Thanks, I looked at this page previously and was still unsure, so I thought I'd get some advice on this forum.

@vinnyT; My old Evesham PC is on its last legs and I have a tax rebate burning a hole in my pocket, so I really need a new PC asap. I seem to have been going round in circles looking for a decent PC from a decent supplier. I'd buy a Dell but for the PSU issue, Novatech (who a lot of guys on these forums reccomend) can't supply a system with Windows MCE. PC Specialist and Cube 247 are offering decent looking base units for about £750 for the spec that I want, and PCWorld have an Advent with a 19" LG Widescreen that looks ok, but I just can't make my mind up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  vinnyT 15:36 06 Jan 2007

Understand completely, just making sure you weren't being too hastey.

If you can't make your mind up between the 3 suppliers you listed above, I think the thing that would swing it for me, is the with the advent from pc world you could just walk out of the store with the system there and then, no waiting (wondering if it will arrive on the specified day, and wasting a day off work if it dosn't). Same thing with any probs you may have, sometimes it helps to be able to have face to face contact with someone if you are having trouble with the pc. With the other two, althought I have heard good things about them, you don't have these advantages.

Anyway thats my two'pennarth.

  Fingees 16:00 06 Jan 2007

I personally would wait the three weeks or so before Vista goes on sale to the public.

You wont have to worry then, as it will obviously be supplied with any Novatech system, or barebones system,

You will be able to choose what you want.

  Mr Beeline 16:45 06 Jan 2007

I agree with Fingees. Wait until Vista is released. Or preferably a couple of months to let the new O/S bed in a bit, as there are bound to be problems that crop up. From 20 years + personal experience, I'm not too sure that I would recommend updating an O/S either. Much better to install an O/S from scratch. Unless Microsoft have got things a bit smother this time round! I still have nightmares about trying to apply an XP upgrade (from 98ME) for someone!

  darkster 17:13 06 Jan 2007

Thanks Fingees & Mr Beeline. Ideally, I wanted a hard copy of Windows MCE so that I could install it on my old Evesham system (after a full reformat) so that I could use it as a media server for my Xbox 360. I think that the Vista upgrade might suit me in that respect.

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