Vista upgrade experience?

  Miros 16:17 02 Sep 2007

A friend of mine has just bought a new laptop that came with CD titled 'Upgrade your Windows Vista Experience' With instructions thus.

IMPORTANT: You must accept the enclosed licence agreement before you can use this software. To read the Terms go to windows vista dot com etc, if you don't accept terms too return the software for a refund.. and so on.........
From another thread on this subject I got the impression that this is an upgrade to a business edition. Is anyone else able to confirm this?

He doesn't at present have access to the Internet as he is waiting for an ISP.

Don't think I can check it out online without registering as it is not my product and I'm on XP anyway.

Since he will be using it mainly for writing the odd letter and Internet access I don't think he would want a upgrade to the business edition,and being a pensioner he may as well get the refund.

  Miros 23:07 02 Sep 2007

The Laptop in question is an Acer I looked at their web site click here looks like the CD is to upgrade to a premium version of Vista for which he may after pay extra.

Has anyone any experience with this upgrade option offered with Acer laptops?

Must admit I'm mystified since the CD says if you don't accept the terms etc return the software for a refund. That might suggest that the extras are already paid for if required.

I would be very grateful if anyone can clarify this.

  Miros 23:08 02 Sep 2007

First Para' .. for which he may HAVE to pay extra.

  Devil Fish 00:06 03 Sep 2007

yes just brought an acer with vista home basic on it it also had an upgrade disk for which you have to pay extra if you take up the option to upgrade to a premium version

  Miros 00:23 03 Sep 2007

Thanks. Were you also offered the option of a refund if you declined and returned the software?

  Jake_027 12:10 03 Sep 2007


click here

click here

I think the refund only applies if you actually upgrade. Otherwise it's just a vista disk and I'd keep it incase you ever need to replace system files, it might be useful.

  Devil Fish 13:35 03 Sep 2007

have the disk in front of me on the case security seal in red lettering

Attention! Separate purchase required

so my take is that it is an option to upgrade to a premium version at a price

if you have declined the agreement you haven't been charged anything for upgrading so a refund wouldn't be applicable

  Miros 14:57 03 Sep 2007

It is not my Laptop, he and it are several miles away and he hadn't signed up to an ISP last time I spoke to him, so as yet he is unable to check this out himself. I do though have the CD here with me at the moment still with the seal intact. It is for 'Windows Anytime Upgrade'.

Your two links would appear to be the correct ones. As far as I'm concerned all is still not clear. They mention paying for ?? The CD mentions refund if you don't accept terms etc. I can't understand if you don't use you get a refund, if you do use you are charged. Am I 'tick' or what:-)

I did have a dabble on his laptop last week I
know that it has Vista already installed what version I will have to check out, also what version was part of the deal when he made the purchase. This may throw some light on it.

Unfortunately he is less competent or savvy than me in these matters. I'm supposed to be helping him get started, so it is a case of the blind leading the blind.

Devil Fish, the seal on this is a white one with the CD number on it and unbroken as above in my first para' Thanks for both of you for your help.

  Miros 19:06 03 Sep 2007

I think I may have solved this? The PC was bought with a Vista Basic package which had a CD included to upgrade if he wished, that would cost extra when it was registered. No refund.

I know now that the deal was for a basic package as I phoned him up and he confirmed this.

Had it come sold with a premium package with only the basic installed and he didn't wish to upgrade to the full premium version then he could have returned the CD unused for a refund. Seems a complicated and confusing way of doing things.

Thanks again for all your help. Think I will close this tread now cheers.

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