Vista update problem

  onza40 11:25 16 Feb 2008

I'll get straight to the point, vista installed an update yesterday, must've been after 4 in the afternoon, and the computer was running fine up to this point. After it installed the update the small shield icon appeared over the power button to indicate it would install it when I shut down.
Having finished what I was doing, I shut down and rebooted later on. Now when vista loads the loading bar appears, then the blue orb thing and then it comes up with a screen saying "Configuring updates 3 of 3 - 0%, do not turn off your computer". This screen remains for about 2 minutes then is replaced by a "Shutting down" message and the computer reboots. I allowed it to do this a couple of times to see if it would sort itself out or at least identify that there was a problem, nope, it continues indefinately.
I tried to boot from the vista DVD but the startup repair tool reports no errors, vista has also disabled my system restore despite me having made a restore point a few days ago in case something like this happened.
I'm dual booting with XP but for some unknown reason XP boots normally but if I try to boot to safe mode it gives me a BSOD with a "BAD_POOL_CALLER" message.

Sorry to take so long but I wanted to give all the details of the problem, and the "last known good configuration" on XP is still incapable of booting in safe mode.

I'm on a Dell Dimension 9150 if that helps at all, please help me resolve this problem.

  birdface 11:59 16 Feb 2008

Vista had a bad Microsoft update which caused a few problems.Vista update KB938371.But I will need to leave it to others to give you any advice on how to fix it.

  jade25 12:22 16 Feb 2008

I have just had the same problem and when it said don't turn off, mine was already turning of, got back on but was writing
a message here and it crashed again, l feel like turning update of as till its updated l never know what they are.

  dms05 12:25 16 Feb 2008

Spot on buteman. I had the same problem yesterday. The only partial solution I found was to install the other Updates manually and forget about the KB938371 - which isn't ideal as KB938371 and KB937287 are pre-requisites for installing SP1.

Since then I've looked at Microsofts Download Centre and found their are 2 versions of KB938371. One is for 32 bit the other for 64 bit systems. Now I know my version of Vista Home Premium is 32 bit but I think my Core 2 Duo is 64 bit. So whick one should I use? It's impossible to tell from the Automatic Upgrade download which one MS is trying to use. Maybe it's the wrong one - the download claims to be 4.1Mb but only 2.4Mb downloads.

  ianeon 12:34 16 Feb 2008

I'm having trouble installing KB938371 I'm in contact with Microsoft Support and they are trying to help me solve this problem. When I try to install this update it wrecks my bootup sequence( winload.exe )and I have to repair Vista. I had another subject on this issue but I ticked it as solved cos I thought that I had.( fool ) Incidently my standalone copy of this update is 4.26mb.

  dms05 12:52 16 Feb 2008

I seem to have now solved my problem with KB938371.

I went to the MS Vista Download Centre, looked up KB938371 and found two versions. I downloaded the 32 bit x86 version and ran that. After the usual 'configuring, closing down, start up, configuring' repeated itself twice I was shown the Welcome message.

I then checked my Updates via Control Panel and it reports KB938371 is now installed successfully.

Unlike downloading Automatically that reported a 2.4 Mb file download I found manual downloading produced a file the same size as indicated before the download (ie 4.3Mb).

  dms05 13:23 16 Feb 2008

ianeon - I also had one instance of a screen telling me Vista was repairing itself. However after that repair it didn't return. As I said I managed to finally get the update installed.

  onza40 13:38 16 Feb 2008

Yeah, as I said, the boot repair thing detects no problems and does nothing so I can't get onto vista to install a different update/remove the current one. I have a replacement winload.exe.mui file from a friend but as I can't access safe mode on XP, I can't take control of the file in the D:\Windows\System32\en-US\ folder to replace it. Can anyone suggetst how to maybe use the command prompt from the vista dvd boot to replace the file?
Also if anyone can help with the XP safe mode issue the code I get is 0x000000c2 (0x00000007, 0x00000cd4, 0xc033f175, 0xf77a0afe).

  onza40 14:42 16 Feb 2008

Sorry to bump the topic but I need to get back on vista, help please.
I'm sure there is a command prompt code for renaming/moving files, if anyone knows it could you post it here.

  walnutwhip 19:01 16 Feb 2008

my son is having the same problem as onza 40. His bsttery packed in during update and now all he has is the same " configuring 3 of 3 " and then laptop keeps restarting and switching of in a loop. Anyone any further on with a solution??? Reboot disc is 200 miles away from laptop at present.

  Jake_027 00:23 17 Feb 2008

click here

This might help with the vista file permissions!

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