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  XP Medic 21:38 08 Apr 2008

I have a computer with an oem installation of Vista Ultimate that came with my computer and want to install the new Vista Ultimate SP1 Vista disk when released via a clean install. Is it possible to do this and how do I go about it?

The Vista Ultimate SP1 disk will be a present as I have had numerous Vista problems with this OEM relaese version

  anskyber 21:44 08 Apr 2008

It might be better to sort your "problems", can you explain what they are?

And yes you can do a clean install but I suspect you may not need to do so.

  XP Medic 22:10 08 Apr 2008

anskyber, many thanks for your reply.
On receipt of the PC, I have had sound problems albeit creative soundcard problems within Vista (although I see it is very widespread at the moment about Creative Drivers).

Windows crashes and blue and black screen of death, ie7 crashes (common I know!) and general annoyances with Vista.

To be honest I think and I may be wrong a fresh install with SP1 may solve the problems. All my drivers are current and the specs of my PC ARE:-
4GB RAM, NVidea Ultra 8800 768mb, Intel core 2 processor QX6700 2*4MB, Twin 750gb hdd's, creative x-fi fatalty soundcard. Running Vista Ultimate 32bit.

The Ultimate version will come with 32bit and 64 bit, which is best?

  anskyber 22:26 08 Apr 2008

Well you are very much at the cutting edge there.

Creative have not enjoyed great press with their Vista software, which, to state the obvious, is not a Vista issue but a hardware manufacturer seemingly failing to produce its side of the bargain.

Interestingly the next up to the plate is Nvidia who have been reported to have been top of the pile for drivers causing Vista crashes. Your card is, to say the least very respectable and as a "top end card" in the area where Nvidia have performed less well.

My honest advice is to hang on in there while the driver issues are sorted. SP1 will be offered to you as an update from Windows Update unless there is a non compliant driver issue. In that case it will be offered after the driver is available through WU.

You machine will work very well with 64bit, but a cautionary note.

Drivers for 64 bit are less available than 32bit and importantly Vista 64bit will only accept signed drivers which not all hardware manufacturers will bother with. 64 bit will offer speed advantage but there is a corner you may paint yourself into because of the driver point.

  XP Medic 22:52 08 Apr 2008


Many thanks again. I will I think stick with my current Vista install and download SP1.

Thanks for the 64bit advice. Driver issues seem to plague Vista so I will stick to 32 bit for now anyhow, until Windows 7!! ~(And then the same problems start again!)

It does seem that Creative have shot themselves in the foot to say the least.

  funnybone 15:46 20 Apr 2008

I have Windows mail on Vista and now after a good start I cannot get emails. It has been like it for 10 days and I do not understand. I look at the accounts, and it says (default)
and underneath it says (1)so I removed that thinking it would solve problem now I don't know how to add it back and besides what does it all mean and should I bve looking somewhere else. I can use web2mail. but I want windows mail back. I was better with Outlook Express but when I changed computer it was not there. As you can tell I am useless. Where do I begin? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:26 20 Apr 2008

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