Vista Ultimate Complete PC Backup

  robbg 18:10 10 Jan 2008

Hi All. I have spent days going through everywhere trying to sort my problem out with "Back up and Restore" that wont work after the 1st 15 Minutes of trying to do a complete computer backup onto DVD RWs.
When I first installed Vista Ultimate and the rest of my software on the 5/08/2007. I then made a complete backup of the entire system which took 4 DVD RWs. I still have these put away and have never needed them. Each week I have backed up my work onto an external hard drive.
Now I am trying to create a "Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore Image" of my entire computer. It runs merrily along for 15 minutes. The hard drive is flashing, the DVD drive is flashing and the processor is running nicely between 15 and 25% . The memory is steady at 35%. We are well past the stage when it has asked for a disc, and I have put one in.
When it stops you don't know its stopped except that the hard drive and disc drive have stopped flashing the processor has dropped off to virtually nil. There is an indicator moving along showing the process just above it says "verifying backup disc". This has also been merrily going along but it has now stopped level with the "di" of disc.
I left it running for another 40 minutes although it had stopped. But when I looked at the task manager it said that it was still running fine. Now when I finally took the DVD RW out of the drive the program had completely filled it at over 4GB but at no time had the program asked for another disc
So my question is was I wrong to but a disc in that had nothing on it. Or should I have got the 1st set out that I made last August and used them.
Very kind regards

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