Vista and Ubuntu Light

  keith mac 11:40 06 Jul 2011

I have a 4 year old laptop running Vista which is slow to start, slow to shut down. I don't feel it's worth a Windows 7 upgrade and I read in PCA this week about Ubuntu Linux Light which appears to meet my basic needs to get online.

I can't find, though, a download from Canonical for 'Light' - am I just blind? If it's available anywhere else, how big is the download?

Lastly, does anyone have any experiences? How well does it perform in a dual-boot situation, how 'limited' is it (I only need Yahoo mail and Hotmail (preferably Firefox)plus Libre Office routinely) I use an oldish Samsung ML1740 laser printer (would need drivers). For everything else I'd open up Windows.

I'm not an expert user, not totally dumb either but I don't want to mess around unduly.

Your comments and experiences please????

  daz60 11:52 06 Jul 2011

link text

I think it is renamed and also not an official Canonical product.!?

  scotty 12:10 06 Jul 2011

There is Lubuntu which I believe is now nearly officially recognised - Lubuntu website

  keith mac 12:24 06 Jul 2011

The o/s is mentioned in PCA September 2011, pages 47, Ubuntu Light first having been reviewed in May 2011 by Matt Egan

Canonical is shown as 'Contact' in the review but I couldn't find 'Light' on its website - I only found the regular flavours.

  robin_x 12:52 06 Jul 2011

It is good idea to have a copy of Linux for general use or emergencies. I would recommend you Try It from CD/DVD (or USB) first, not full install (overwriting Vista).

Ubuntu CD/DVD

Lubuntu USB


Regarding your 4yr old Vista, it probably just needs a good clear out to work more efficiently.

Run cCleaner.

(Tools/Uninstall any old programs you no longer use.

Cleaner/Analyze/Run Cleaner

Registry/Scan for Issues/Fix

Tools/Startup/select and disable anything that does not neeed to run at boot up. Can be enabled again later if needed)

There are other ways to speed up your Vista system, including backing up all your data and doing a Factory Restore/Recovery, but I won't get into those here.

  Poitier 15:56 06 Jul 2011

Hi, Try an Ask search for 'list of linux distros' I suggest that you download Ubuntu 10.04 the LTS ubuntu version and burn the image to CD.Set the bios to boot from CD first and you can run it without installing.If you are happy with it you can select the option to install it later.20Gb of disk will be plenty and I think 256 Mb of RAM

  LastChip 17:39 06 Jul 2011

It'll probably work OK.

However, you may like to try Linux Mint, which I think may be a better option.

Take a look here for the version that suits your computer.

  daz60 19:34 06 Jul 2011

This is from the Mark Shuttleworth blog,scroll down to Ubuntu Light screenshot and read.

  daz60 19:35 06 Jul 2011

link text

Better if i post the link.

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