Vista System Restore Where Is it.

  prince midas 11:06 21 Feb 2009

Can someone show me where system Restore is in Vista so I can empty it, as I use Image Files on a regular Basis.

  MAJ 11:09 21 Feb 2009

Right-click on "Computer", choose Properties, click "System Protection".

  MAJ 11:10 21 Feb 2009

Although, why are you trying to turn off System Restore because you use image files? I don't see the connection?

  canarieslover 11:36 21 Feb 2009

If you right click C: and select Disk Cleanup and continue with it you will find that when it does a check it will come up with a screen that shows what it can delete. There are two tabs at the top and the 'More' tab takes you to a screen that allows you to select 'Remove all restore points except most recent'. If your machine is running OK select this. I retrieved 100gb of space on a 4 day old computer, mind you I had installed all the programs that I use in those 4 days. Vista sets up a restore point every time you install and these take up large amounts of space!!!

  prince midas 13:27 21 Feb 2009

I do a full acronis backup every week and keep about 3 old backups.I cannot see any point in having a system restore as well as if I get a problem which is rare I just go back to latest image restore.This will save me room if I do not use sysytem restore which i never used on XP,i just hope Vista will allow this.

  MAJ 13:32 21 Feb 2009

Ahh, that type of image file, I thought you meant picture files. You can turn off System Restore in Vista by following my first post and unticking the C: drive (or any other ticked drive) in there. Click Apply and OK to exit.

  prince midas 13:38 21 Feb 2009

Thanks guys just saved another 8 gig.

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