Vista start/shut down menu?

  Hedontownee 13:18 30 Jan 2009

I am concentrating on Vista in order to better understand and utilise all the things that are supposed to be improvements!!
I notice however that there is no standby option in the start/shut down menu.
Why is this ?. Is it a hidden option that needs activating in some way
I would often put my computer into standby in XP if I wanted to do something else for a few mins and then come back to it.
I dont see this option in Vista
Any thoughts folks?

  MAJ 13:27 30 Jan 2009

I think it's called "Sleep" in Vista. It's on the Start button.

  kalignorgna 13:41 30 Jan 2009

this sounds daft but the shut down icon in vista at default puts your computer in to sleep mode (standby) wile to turn if off you have to click the small right arrow and click shut down to turn it off

  Taff™ 13:43 30 Jan 2009

Yes it is called sleep. By default in Vista when you go to the Start button and then press the red Power Button Icon it goes into sleep mode. You can change what happens when you click this. I`ve changed it to shut down the computer which is more logical for me. You`ll also find the sleep button using the arrow at the end of the Start bar.

  Graham. 13:57 30 Jan 2009

When the button is Red = Shut Down, Brown = Sleep.

  Graham. 14:15 30 Jan 2009
  Hedontownee 09:26 31 Jan 2009

When I click the start button to get the menu
there is a red button and a "lock" symbol on the button next to that
and an arrow after that
When I click that arrow I see a menu
with Hibernate etc ....but the sleep option is "greyed " out
So I can activate all the other functions on that menu BUT not the sleep option
Phew ...hope I've described that adequately??
So my dilemna is still
How to put the computer into standby in Vista
Any more thoughts will bevery much appreciated

  Graham. 10:16 31 Jan 2009

Follow my click here to change the Start menu power button to Sleep. Then the button will become Brown for Sleep.

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