Vista Specs

  Genius1 18:50 21 Apr 2006

With no official specifications yet released for Windows Vista (none that I could find, anyway!), should I wish to upgrade, would my existing hardware be able to handle it? I would probably upgrade to one of the top versions (ie. Vista Ultimate) if I do at all! My current specifications are:

Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz HT Processor
1024Mb DDR RAM
250Gb Hard Drive
128Mb ATI Radeon X300SE Graphics Card

I had heard talk that some versions of Vista may require upwards of 2Gbs of RAM - isn't this a bit extreme?! Thanks for your help in advance...

  bremner 18:55 21 Apr 2006

here are the versions that will be available. click here

Home Basic and probably Home Premium will run on your machine.

It is Ultimate that will need the 2GB of RAM and top spec graphgics card.

But until MS finally release minimum specifications for each we will not know for sure.

  Genius1 19:10 21 Apr 2006

Thanks bremner. When you say top spec graphics card, which one(s) exactly?

  splatter 19:16 21 Apr 2006

I read an article saying that to get the most from Vista that a dual-core (64-bit?) processor would be required. However, a 'normal' (32-bit?) processer would run the OS.

  bremner 19:38 21 Apr 2006


PCI-e the biggest and the best available allegedly will get the most out of Vista.

  anskyber 22:34 21 Apr 2006

Depends who you believe in this guessing game time. Given that Microsoft must have some idea it would help a lot for them to tell us all for those who have the future in mind.

I have read that 1 gig RAM is needed with 2gigs preferable to run the top end aero functions successfully. The graphics card should ideally be 256 MB for top end. Or so it is said. There are those on this site who are running the Beta version of Vista who may comment on whether these specs are similar to their own PC's.

  anskyber 22:36 21 Apr 2006

PS I should have added that this is the spec for the OS. Looks like tail wagging the dog to me.

  Forum Editor 23:13 21 Apr 2006

If I was buying a new computer right now, I wouldn't give much thought to Vista, unless I was a confirmed 'early-adopter'.

It will be some time yet before Vista gets to the shrink-wrap stage, and some time after that before it really gets into the mainstream of the domestic which time many people who are buying computers now will be thinking of changing again, or upgrading.

If you plan to migrate to Vista soon after launch then of course it would be wise to think about your hardware options, and in the absence of any official Microsoft pronouncement on minimum specs let me tell you that you'll need plenty of power under the bonnet for the more advanced Vista versions.

I'm currently beta testing a technical release Vista build on a highly specced machine, and it runs like a dream. Vista will go best in lots of RAM (I have 2 Gb) and a beefy graphics card.

  Genius1 11:42 22 Apr 2006

Thanks a lot everyone, very helpful.

  ivesy 12:51 22 Apr 2006

I've been in the process of buying a PC and have to admit I was wondering if it would be 'Vista' compatible.

I've bought the Dell 9150 with Dual Core P4 3.0Ghz, 2GB memory, 250GB H/drive, 256MB 6800 card etc. That was £825 including p&p.

According to Dell (and the sticker they put on the tower) it will be "Vista Capable". I have to admit it easy to get bogged down worrying about things like this when the reality is it probably wont be released for atleast another year!

  Genius1 20:42 22 Apr 2006

Thanks as well, ivesy.

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