Vista SP2

  six-h 18:12 16 Oct 2009

Odd things happening with Windows update, as detailed here click here but no responses.
Today I was notified that SP2 was ready for installation, and as I'd read of several problems with it,decided to ignore it for now. Later in the day, I'm informed there are 17 updates waiting to install!!
Just looking at the list, there is no mention of SP2 any more, however one of the updates is entitled "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Servicepack 2 Security update for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 (KB974469)"

Is that AKA Vista Service pack 2?
If so, is it now safe to install? :o)

  six-h 00:15 17 Oct 2009


  Strawballs 04:12 17 Oct 2009

No it is something totally different.

  Strawballs 04:13 17 Oct 2009

I installed SP2 on my Vista laptop today (no yesterday loose track of days when working nights) and as yet had no problems.

  six-h 16:04 19 Oct 2009

Thanks Strawballs, I was beginning to think I should change my deodorant! lol
Having established "SP2" wasn't among the 17 updates downloaded, I installed them (without incident), hoping that "SP2" would be re-offered, it hasn't been and furthermore I can't coax "MS Updates" to repeat it!
As I understand, the version of "SP2" offered by "Updates" is tailored to the specific machine it's offered to, so I'm loathe to download the whole shebang from the MS site.
Does anyone know how to get it again through "Automatic Updates"??

  six-h 17:42 11 Nov 2009

Progress so far:
Having finally accepted the inevitable IE8 update along with yesterdays "Patch Tuesday" offerings, I've managed to invoke the SP2 update, however, I'm mortified to read in the current issue of PCA (Readers' writes: Inconvenient Updates), installing this can take TWO/THREE HOURS?????
Can this really be true??

  Cockney Rebel 17:55 11 Nov 2009

Just recently got myself a shiny new laptop with Vista Home Premium.After a day or two I found SP2 was available to download.Managed to do so without any problems.Took about 1/2 hr in my case.Although it went through a couple of restarts.No problems though.

  six-h 18:01 11 Nov 2009

Thanks Cockney Rebel, that sounds more reasonable!
I'll probably wait 'til later tonight and install it then..just in case. lol

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