Vista SP1 lost access to RAID drive

  WaTcHiNg 12:42 12 Apr 2008

I have just upgraded (haha) my Business Edition Vista to SP1 and got all excited about seeing the lightning fast network data transfer speed so thought I'd try it.
I selected a data file from one of my RAID data drives and copied and pasted to my Windows 2003 server. The 'time remaining' appeared immediately (a massive improvement on pre-SP1) but then the transfer rate dropped to a few kB and the time remaining shot up to 48 minutes, 57 minutes, 1 hr and so on. After about 5 minutes I received a message saying that the file G:\testfolder\ (the file I was copying) was no longer available. Until I cancelled the transfer, the network drive browsing was impossible and my local G: drive was also unbrowsable.
I didn't try copying from a non-RAID drive but will maybe get time to try later when I get 2 hours aside to re-install SP1 and uninstall it again.

Uninstalling SP1 allowed me to copy files again. Re-installing SP1 again resulted in exactly the same behaviour and once again, uninstalling SP1 reverted me back to a working status.
The RAID card I am using is a HPT 174x Rocket RAID with 1 x 250GB Mirror and 1 x 500GB Mirror array all using SATA disks.
My system disk is connected onto the ASUS P5VD2-X system board via SATA and I have the onboard JMicron SATA controller enabled for when I connect my external SATA disk to the system for backup.

  anskyber 12:58 12 Apr 2008

Have you looked for updated drivers for your RAID card?

Did you get SP1 via windows updates or did you download it from the download center manually?

  WaTcHiNg 13:04 12 Apr 2008

I have just this minute updated the BIOS and drivers for my card so I guess I'm going to have to watch Vista install SP1 again for an hour to try it.

I downloaded the update file from Microsoft rather than letting windows update do it for me. Interestingly, Windows Updates only periodically shows Vista SP1 as an available download for me.

It'll be tonight before I get time to backup and try SP1 again with my new drivers so I'll update after that.

  WaTcHiNg 23:14 12 Apr 2008

Well, what do you know!
After spending hours updating drivers, firmware and everything else the problem was caused by a security policy that I don't remember setting!

Under secpol.msc \security settings\local policies\security options\
there is an option for 'Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (if client agrees) that was set to disabled. As soon as I enabled it my file copy to my windows 2003 server now runs like a rocket. It's still not as fast as XP to the server or Vista to XP but it's finally getting there.

I decided that this had to be something related to client/server communications rather than client/client because copying the same file to a Windows XP device from Vista was stunningly fast. If only I could get my Vista to server file copy to run as fast I'd be a VERY happy man!

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