Vista Sleep Mode "bug" fix????

  Faffingwaste 09:52 14 Oct 2010

Our exchange has recently been upgraded, one inadvertent result of which has been to temporarily screw up broadband connections in my area. The problem has been fixed and all that's necessary is for users with wireless routers like myself is to allow the router to stay on long enough to establish a steady sync.

Unfortunately, when my Dell PC goes into overnight sleep mode, the router gets turned off. When I mentioned this on a broadband forum I was variously told that "you've a router problem", "this shouldn't happen", "your PC hardware is at fault" etc etc.

I don't believe any of it: my Netgear DG834Gv4 may be old, but it's a little gem: I'm at the end of a very long line from the esxchange with high noise and attenuation and the Netgear hangs on better than any other wireless router I've ever owned.

Before bothering anyone here, I hunted around the 'Net for advice, and although it's the usual mixture of help that's too terse to implement or information that's blatantly wrong, some sort of consensus seems to exist, viz:

1) In Device Manager / Network Adapters / Wireless Adapters / Power Management, make sure that the check box is cleared next to "Allow the computer to turn off this device" and:

2) Connections / Change Adapter Settings / Properties / Networking tab, uncheck the IPv6 box.

So far, so good. Except on one Microsoft 'official' board, a Microsoftie says this is "a known Vista bug". Huh?? And on another board, an "expert" tecchie says step (1) above does not work in Vista and step (2) above achieves nothing without a "registry fix".

I've a quick couple of questions, then, for the brighter ones here (i.e., just about everyone, compared to me):

1) Are you aware of a "Vista bug" which means a wireless connection is dropped when the PC sleeps regardless of the user's preference and:

2) I can't get my head around this IPv6 thing: is it essential to the working of my router, and my Net connection, or not?

I need to have my router connected and syncing for at least a couple of days. And no, I'd rather not leave the PC fully powered up and running for that length of time.

Advice appreciated: thanks.

  mgmcc 11:50 14 Oct 2010

The PC going into "sleep" mode or being switched off cannot possibly turn off the router. Provided the router remains powered on at the mains switch, what you do with any computers connected to it is immaterial.

>>> Are you aware of a "Vista bug" which means a
>>> wireless connection is dropped when the PC
>>> sleeps regardless of the user's preference

That is a totally separate issue from the router remaining connected to the exchange over an ADSL enabled phone line, which is what you are trying to do to establish the appropriate "sync" speed.

  Faffingwaste 11:57 14 Oct 2010

Er. . . the 'Net is fairly well stuffed with posts from folks whose routers cease to maintain their connection at exactly the same time their computers go into sleep mode.

I'm hard pressed to explain that away as mere coincidence.

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