Vista sidebar-what % does it use+how to stop it?

  buel 10:22 04 Apr 2009

Hi there, please can anyone tell me what percentage of the Ram the sidebar/clock uses on Vista? Iv read somewhere that it is quite a memory hogger and my gf wants her laptop to be slightly quicker and iv advised her that getting rid of the sidebar would help?

  [email protected]© 10:32 04 Apr 2009

There is a gadget actually in the the vista sidebar that tells you how much ram you are using. So if you have no programs running apart from AV etc it should give you some idea.

  iscanut 10:40 04 Apr 2009

How to disable here. Bit of a gimmick anyway !

  buel 10:52 04 Apr 2009

Hi thanks for that....but am i right in thinking that it does hog quite a bit of memory?

  mooly 11:15 04 Apr 2009

Depends how much RAM you have to start with ? 1GB and I would say yes, 2GB and no. That said I used the resource monitor with 1GB (upped to 2GB a few months back)
It a very useful tool as you can see instantly if anything untoward seems to be happening.

  mooly 11:18 04 Apr 2009

I'll add to that... when idle mine shows around 36% used, and never see more than 60% or so in heavy use. With 1gb RAM it often crept to 90+% at start up, with heavy use made of the paging file too. No such probs now.

  buel 09:11 05 Apr 2009

Thanks for that, please can you tell me how to locate the gadget that tells me how to see how much ram i am using?

  canarieslover 09:48 05 Apr 2009

Right click on sidebar. Select Add Gadgets. Drag CPU Monitor to sidebar.

  Taff™ 10:00 05 Apr 2009

Or try this one click here which I prefer.

  Taff™ 10:07 05 Apr 2009

Sorry Ignore that one!!!!

Try All CPU Meter from this page click here

  buel 14:10 05 Apr 2009

Hi Taff, thanks for that, i downloaded the CPU meter but am unable to open the file, it is a 'Gadget file', any ideas how to open this please?

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