Vista Service Pack 1

  Jazzyboo 22:21 10 May 2008

This has now come through as an update through Windows. Should I Install it? I remember there were problems a while ago with XP service packs, so I am unsure in respect of this Vista One.

  FatboySlim71 22:42 10 May 2008

I installed it weeks ago and have not had any problems whatsoever. Any new Service Packs may have problems with some software etc but I have not had any since installing Vista Service Pack 1.

To be honest I find Vista all the better now I have installed Service Pack 1.

To be safe though I would do a full backup prior to installing Vista Service Pack.

  Bob The Blob 22:59 10 May 2008

No problems at all either with Vista SP1

  Pine Man 11:07 11 May 2008

If Windows Update offers it to you it will probably be ok. Most of the problems seem to come from those who have tried to load the full download and have conflicts with drivers.

  Halmer 12:20 11 May 2008

It's a big one and you'll need to set aside 20 minutes or so.

Just need to be patient and let the PC do its stuff!

Haven't noticed any difference to the PC performance after though even though I read that SP1 speeds certain things up.

  fsbb 13:49 11 May 2008

Installed mine last night via Windows Update. My copy of Vista was fully up-to-date (only 3 weeks old), SP1 installed in approx 70 minutes. Have not identified any problems yet. The only difference I have noticed is when copying files. The anoying 'assessing time....' process has been removed so copying is now instant.

  mrleicester 16:24 12 Feb 2009

My wife's laptop automatically downloaded Service Pack 1 last night and since it did this the system keeps crashing. She has been installing updates as and when they are offered to her, and we suspect that this may have led to conflict.

Initially the laptop simply wouldn't boot up and kept running chkdsk. It seems to be past this, but when she tries to use Firefox or IE the system crashes after freezing for some moments.

This laptop is pretty much indispensable for or business, and I was wondering if anyone had had similar difficulties, how they were cured and how much it might cost. We are naturally anxious that this gets fixed ASAP.

  anskyber 16:41 12 Feb 2009

There are a few issues which are highlighted in the release notes for SP1.

In theory if the SP is offered through updates the isses should have been fixed as part of the download.

Try running IE7 without add ons and see if this help[s. Also make sure you have all the latest versions of any add ons like third party toolbars (eg Google)

  T0SH 19:51 12 Feb 2009

Check on the laptop makers web site often they have downloadable patches for you to install to easy the applying of service packs

Cheers HC

  User-1229748 19:58 12 Feb 2009

yes thats a good idea from tosh the only problem i had was down to hp not microsoft.not a major problem,just the hp health check reporting windows defender as not working when it was.

  sunnystaines 20:00 12 Feb 2009

set a system restore point first for peace of mind.

should be ok if offered via ms updates.

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