Is Vista really this slow?

  ernieernie 22:35 20 Dec 2007

I have recently bought an HP SmartCenter computer to replace my 5 year old XP job.
I am amazed at how slow it is to do everything - for instance Booting takes about three minutes whereas my old XP took little over one minute. It also often seems to go 'walkabout' when the hard disk gets busy and delays everything. It has been like this from first use. Is it the computer, is it Vista, is it me?
I use the paid-up version of AVG and have the Vista firewall enabled, and I never click on adverts or go idly wandering round the web.
I like it for its compactness and quietness but I do wish it would get a move on!

  Crash 22:37 20 Dec 2007

Could you post your pc specs please?

  ernieernie 22:44 20 Dec 2007

AMD Turion 64X2Mobile Technology TL-52
Hard Disk
320GB SATA 3G (7200 rpm)
Is that enough?

  Crash 22:48 20 Dec 2007


  anskyber 22:49 20 Dec 2007


Booting should be much quicker. Just a thought as a new machine it could have come with all sorts of software (manufacturers do this) which become part of the boot process.

Have you got rid of things which came with it that you do not want and have you looked in Control Panel to disable programs you do not need at start up?

  skidzy 22:49 20 Dec 2007

Part and parcel of Vista im afraid,some are quick some are slow.

Though there a few things you can tweak to improve Vista's speed.

One for starters is to disable Vista's Superfetch,this should stop all the harddrive activity you are getting at startup.

Start and type


and enter

Scroll through to Superfetch and disable.

  brundle 22:49 20 Dec 2007

Does it come with any Norton software?

  anskyber 22:50 20 Dec 2007

My no was to "is it Vista" not your reply!

  brundle 22:50 20 Dec 2007

Sorry, I see you have AVG.

  Crash 22:54 20 Dec 2007

Well if it doesn't have a graphics card just onboard graphics i'd disable the aero interface which might make it go a bit quicker, check to see if anything is scanning on boot and do a defrag of your hard drive as well.

  Forum Editor 23:01 20 Dec 2007

Something's wrong - no new machine running Vista should take nearly that long.

anskyber's suggestion is probably on the money - new computers often come with all kinds of manufacturers' software or trial versions of well-known applications, etc. Take a look at what runs at startup and you might find all kinds of things queuing to phone home. Work your way through the list, disabling this, and uninstalling that, until your machine is leaner and much faster.

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