vista readyboost

  stormrider123 14:43 07 Aug 2010

hi i have fixed my issue of upgrading from xp in my last post

i just upgraded ram and installed vista

i was wondering if my sandisck cruzer blade is compatible with readyboost in vista

  mgmcc 14:53 07 Aug 2010

When you plug it in, Vista will tell you (in the drive's Properties) whether it can be used for Readyboost.

I tried using Readyboost with several USB flash drives, but gave up as it didn't seem to make any noticeable difference. I believe it needs to be a drive with very fast read/write speeds to function.

  stormrider123 14:55 07 Aug 2010

can you suggest me a better usb than

i heard a sandisk cruzer micro u3 is very good with readyboost is that right

  mgmcc 15:12 07 Aug 2010

You can only try it and see. The flash drives I had obviously weren't fast enough, but it wasn't something I considered worth pursuing.

  gomez554 20:54 07 Aug 2010

i've got one of these:

click here i

its designed for readyboost, it does work when i'm using alot of programs or one thats demanding alot more from the ram, but i had to set my power options to "maximum performance" so i don't get much battery time

  stormrider123 13:04 10 Aug 2010

thanks will try and battery life inst such an issue for me since i have a desktop

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