Vista Question + XP and Grahics card

  flateric1 19:05 16 Aug 2008


I like to ask two things if I may..

1. I see inmagazines computers for sale with 4 gig of ram in etc. Yet on the system well be Vista 32bit . I know that 32bit can only see upto 3 gig of ram so why pay for a gig you cant use? To use 3 gig+ you need Vista 64bit..

2. If I dual boot XP would it work with a 64bit setup cos I belive my XP sp 2 is 32bit...

3. Which is the best grahics card to go for to get good frame rates in Cryis and Commany of Heroes and Bioshock...?

Thank you for your time

  citadel 21:54 16 Aug 2008

I would not worry about ram if you want the pc for gaming more important is the card and cpu, 4850 or 4870 whichever you can afford plus a core2 duo or quad.

  flateric1 15:52 17 Aug 2008

thank you for your reply mate

I for got to say is that I also want to do video editting is Vista 32bit and 3 gig of ram ok?

  citadel 20:27 17 Aug 2008

most motherboards have dual channel memory available this gives a speed boost, I would get 2 x 2g and put them in the dual channel slots.

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