Vista Product Keys

  six-h 15:41 05 Aug 2010

I've only just noticed that the "Product Key" is shown at the bottom of the Computer "Properties" window.
Not sure if it's the same in XP, but is this the "Key" needed to do a clean install of the OS?

If so and I don't have a vista disk, could I use someone eleses disk and this Key, as I have in the past with XP (and a lot of help from "cream"!)

Minor complication is that this installation is courtesy of a local school's block of licences and I'm no longer working with them, though I continue to use it with their blessing.

  birdface 16:11 05 Aug 2010

Thats the product key and not the keycode that you would normally use.
The Keycode should be on a sticker on the side or back of the computer.
If you can't find it Download SIW and it will tell you what it is.
Yes you can borrow and use another disc providing it is the same as yours Vista.Then just add your keycode.

  birdface 16:15 05 Aug 2010

Multi disc should be Ok.
I just downloaded one for XP using one.So it should be Ok.
Mind you mine never had Vista on it.

  six-h 16:21 05 Aug 2010

Hi buteman, thought that was too simple!
Looking more closely, the number shown is called the "Product ID" and is accompanied by a link saying "Change product key", so I'm confused!
(not unusual:-)
As I say, the installation is from a local school's block of licences so there's no sticker on my machine which was a self build.

Not tried SIW to find the Key yet, but I'm presuming if it's at all possible to use the particular "Keycode" it found, I'd need a copy of the "Retail" disk...would that be hard to in borrow?

  six-h 16:27 05 Aug 2010

Multi disc??
Wassat then?

  birdface 19:16 06 Aug 2010

Sorry it is a disc with various installations of XP on it.
Maybe multi disc was the wrong word.

  six-h 19:54 06 Aug 2010

Ahh!, I'd not heard that term before, thought you meant that I'd dual booted or something!
Been reading up a bit on the procedure to validate copies that are covered by block licenses, it's not as simple as OEM or retail copies.
Think it won't be possible.

  rdave13 19:56 06 Aug 2010

So, for more confusion then! I always thought that the I.D. number showed what version of Vista you had. Ie., OEM or retail and Ultimate or Home etc. Anyway I had a laptop, Compaq, and wanted a clean install of Vista to get rid of all the HP bumf that comes with it.
First off I recorded the license key number found on the base of the laptop. I then used Magical Jellybean to check the key and it was different. This could be something to do with having an OEM version of Vista on the laptop. Borrowed a retail SP1 Vista disc and formatted and reinstalled Vista successfully but using the key on the laptop, not the one MJ found, as it refused it.
I only took the gamble to do a clean install as I had proven DVDs to restore to factory settings, without the need of the hidden partition, if it went belly up.
So I'd be a bit careful if I was you.

  six-h 20:09 06 Aug 2010

Hi rdave13,
Yeah, lots of people complain about Vista but I've found it to be OK...bit of a RAM hog but I can live with that.
I was just trying to find another safety net in case Acronis ever let me down!
I don't think it's possible because of the licence it's operating under, it needs a special procedure to validate, and I think that it would be referred back to the owners of the block of licences which might be the local education authority rather than the school.
The LEA wouldn't know me from Adam!
Think I'll just continue to have faith in True Image. :-)

  woodchip 22:10 06 Aug 2010

My two Medions are like that, the Reg Key is one used by Medion. Paid en-block. its different to the one on the bottom back of pc's. I am okay though as I have Medion Restore CD and Medion oem CD

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