Vista problem

  dudley boy 19:41 14 Mar 2007

I have put an upgrade of vista ultimate 32bit onto a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo p dual core processor PC. It worked fine for 3 days and then when next trying to start it wouldn't do anything and just hung, not even allowingme to start in safe mode. It is now effectivley dead. Any ideas?

Dudley Boy

  [email protected] 19:55 14 Mar 2007

i have twice had similar problems with vista home premium, i still use xp, i have twice re-installed form the disk, i have tried a few things, everythings running cool, have tried different av programs, have no idea whats causing it, have no problems with xp so im guessing a driver problem, or something clashing somewhere, sorry cant be of more help, i have decided to leave it be for the time being, till new drivers are out, but will bump this and watch with interest

  m500nty 11:07 13 Jun 2007

I got a message on my pc saying vista had expired,when i tried to re-install xp it wont let me because it says its not compatible because vista is newer.

Ive tried starting pc up with xp in cd drive,but it doesnt let me use any keys to accept the boot sequence.

its got that bad now,it runds through start up sequence and goes on the the screen with safe mode etc,it doesnt even let me move arrows up or anything.

all in all vista certainly isnt a program to use on any pc as it looks like it invalidates ant programs on ur pc

  m500nty 11:09 13 Jun 2007

i cant even re-install vista so that i can atleast remove vista and start all over again,its driving me mental cause its mt parents pc that they asked me to put back xp on

  wee eddie 11:29 13 Jun 2007

Are you one and the same or has "m500nty" tried to hijack the thread?

  m500nty 14:25 13 Jun 2007

I am the one person,and ive not hijacked the thread,i just missed out somethnig

  Pine Man 14:30 13 Jun 2007

You can't install XP on a Vista computer whether or not it has expired.

You will probably have to format your drive and start from scratch with XP.

  Si_L 16:14 13 Jun 2007

We are all slaves to Microsoft, me included, I don't have the courage to go to Linux :(

  Pine Man 16:16 13 Jun 2007

Not wishing to hi-jack this thread but I have tried Linux and it's very good - but not good enough!

  Totally-braindead 16:21 13 Jun 2007

Agree you will have to format the hard drive and reinstall XP.

  m500nty 19:24 13 Jun 2007

I aint hijacking the thread,just bamboozled in how to format drive.

It doesnt let me do anything,i just runs through loading screen,goes onto the 4 options that i cant click,then goes through vista loading,flickers onto blue screen with whatever that i cant see the codes for,then it restarts and goes through the whole process again

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