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  jonmichael 21:01 12 Mar 2007

I bought a computer with Vista Home Premium installed and I had problems.
1. I could not get onto the Internet i was told that NTL was not suitable to be used with vista and I was advised to contact NTL.I spoke to a support engineer at NTL and he told me that they could not use use their services with a Vista operating system. I was told that that they may be able to supply me in about 2 to 3 months after they had been trained by Microsoft who would show them how to set the system up.I was advised to revert back to XP Windows for the time being.I told NTL that I had been a customer for a few years and they said it was up to Microsoft to sort the system.
2 My printer which is fairly new a all in one model SmartBase MP390 was not able to be used by a vista operating system.
3 I have McAfee Sucurity suite 2007 which also will not run on Vista.
Vista operating system.

4 I have reverted back to XP Windows and I can now use NTL for my Broadband and my printer.

The reason I have explained what has happened is because I would like to know if anyone else is having problems with Vista.

5 Will I be able ever to use Vista at all

Thanks F.T

  skidzy 22:40 12 Mar 2007

Your printer will need the vista drivers click here

The rest,im afraid you will have to wait till the drivers are availble.A Google check each week may be the best way forward for a while.

  Totally-braindead 22:47 12 Mar 2007

The problem is simply down to the companies that supply your parts and services. I don't care what they say or what excuses they come up with the facts are this.
Everyone knew Vista was coming. All the companies had tons of time to create Vista drivers and many didn't bother.
You sadly have fallen into this category.
NTL have come out with a complete load of rubbish, I'm not sticking up for Microsoft, I even have a petition going against the Vista pricing but theres nothing wrong with Vista that I have seen. All the problems are due to lack of drivers. This is not Microsofts fault. Exactly the same thing happened when XP was released and at that time I had to bin a perfectly good scanner as it wouldn't work with XP and the company who made it refused to create a XP driver. I won't tell you what I called them but you can imagine.
You will be able to use Vista as soon as the companies get their fingers out and create the drivers and patches they have known about for a considerable time and couldn't be bothered creating.
Sorry but theres no magic solution you will have to wait for new drivers and patches to the things you have a problem with. Then reinstall Vista and all will be well.

  Totally-braindead 22:57 12 Mar 2007

I had another look as to your printer and the Vista drivers are there click here so good for Canon.
You just need McAfee to patch their software and NTL to sort out your internet problems and you're there.

  crosstrainer 15:01 13 Mar 2007

Here Here...just what I've been's the buy new kit with your new operating system syndrome, and even the drivers for the new kit are flaky...companies like Nvidia, Lexmark etc. etc. have (as you say) had plenty of time to develop code for kit...seems they don't want to...I am now advising client to use XP for the foreseeable, until the proverbial finger has been extracted, or Vienna appears.

Microsoft will not be selling Vista in volumes..I have three machines one high end sli, one mid reange sli, and a fairly new laptop. Only the mid range sli has vista, and most of the drivers are either Beta, or "coming soon" or "Not coming at all"

  Totally-braindead 19:12 13 Mar 2007

crosstrainer I honestly believe that in 3 months time the drivers will be there for almost everything and then most of the problems will dissapear. In the meantime if you run Vista you will have to bear with it as theres nothing else you can do.
jonmichael you are fortunate in a way as you were able to fall back to XP in the short term. Check for the necessary drivers in a couple of months time and providing they are there all will probably be well.

  skidzy 19:21 13 Mar 2007

We supply the driver,you tick resolved jonmichael,and look at the thankyou we get !!!!

Certainly know next time........Totally-braindead and i researched the driver for you,Totally-braindead took the time to write his paragraph and no thankyou at all.........

  Pine Man 19:48 13 Mar 2007

If jonmichael is still around..........

If it is just your modem that is preventing you from accessing the internet get an ethernet modem/router.

I had the same problem with Tesco (NTL) they said that there were no drivers for their modem that would work with Vista - true but you don't need drivers for an ethernet modem!

I also have a Canon printer and they have produced all the drivers and applications you could want that are Vista compatible.

As far as I am aware both McAfee & Norton are offering Vista upgrades to their products.

It ain't all bad - if you look!

  Pine Man 19:50 13 Mar 2007

Where did he go?

  skidzy 17:11 15 Mar 2007

Via Email:

Many thanks for sending me the details I did not know how to reply to your mail and I have just discovered the little envolope next to my message. I am not used to the system yet. Sorry about not replying to you but I do appreciate what you have done. Jonmichael


My apologies for being a little harsh on you,please post all response in the Post Response box at the bottom of your thread.
It seems you are new here,so welcome to PCA,i hope my little outburst does not put you off visiting us again.
Please do not use the yellow envelope to contact members personally unless invited to do so.

We are a pleasant lot here really,so please do not take anything written personally,though it can get a little frustrating at times.
Again my apologies for the little outburst.

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