rotormota 20:03 12 Jun 2009

I have 2 disc drives on my HP Pavilion Vista Premium Media Centre SP3 PC. If I insert a software disc into one of the drives it will autoplay the setup feature fine. The other drive simply has a green light flashing for about 30 seconds while the disc spins & then nothing. It's annoying because I had this issue a short while ago & I found a solution on the web concerning editing an entry or two in the registry but stupidly I didn't save a reference & now I can't find it anywhere?

Any ideas?


  MAT ALAN 20:07 12 Jun 2009
  rotormota 20:18 12 Jun 2009

Thanks. Checked that but it is set correctly. Any other thoughts?

  MAT ALAN 20:25 12 Jun 2009

If it works in one and not the other i would say the "other" is dying...

you could try uninstalling the device rebooting PC and letting your O/S re-detect it...

  woodchip 20:38 12 Jun 2009

Sounds like one is a CD drive and other a DVD drive if the disc is a DVD then CD drive cannot read it. But a CD should play in both

  rotormota 20:42 12 Jun 2009

Hi, they are both DVD/CD Rewriters. I'll try an uninstall.

  woodchip 20:51 12 Jun 2009

Then I would say the drive is on the way out

  rotormota 20:57 12 Jun 2009

Still the same after a reinstall. I don't think its on the way out. The PC is only a few months old & the drive in question burns, plays, rips OK.

  AlanHo 21:50 12 Jun 2009

Try this autoplay repair wizard
click here

  MAT ALAN 21:58 12 Jun 2009


not sure that applies to vista, i have used it and it works perfectly on XP, worth a go maybe, nothin to loose...

  gengiscant 08:14 13 Jun 2009

Not a solution but autoplay has worked only for a short time on my vista both premium and ultimate.

I have no Idea why it suddenly started to work,but I have reinstalled vista so it doesn't again. Ho hum.

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