vista prem 64

  woody 11:48 02 Nov 2008

While trying to sort out a problem i can find the page (problems report sol) but i did find - never to be seen again -a page which showed a sort of "time line".
This listed windows failures date/time and other items.
It showed dates from left to right with a red cross under a date where a problem had occured.

Does anyone know ,from my poor discription,where i can find it again?

  Technotiger 11:53 02 Nov 2008

I am not sure about Vista, but in XP it is in Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer

I hope that is clue enough :-))

  Technotiger 11:55 02 Nov 2008

Found this for Vista - click here

  woody 15:21 02 Nov 2008

Thanks for the clue.I found a "reliability" page/program in vista which is what i was looking for.

  Technotiger 15:28 02 Nov 2008

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

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