Vista preinstalled

  JACC 12:36 03 Aug 2007

I am in the long long long process of buying a new pc and was wondering i f you can help me with this problem . After some long searches i have decided to buy a pc form Novatech . The problem is , they preinstall W Vista if you want them to and you get a recovery disc,is it worth it to buy a full version of W vista seperatley and install it myself or is it alright to let Novatech install it fot me , it works out a good deal cheaper to le them install it.I just don't know the best solution :( I was going to have Vista Ultimate as my OS.

  Graham. 12:44 03 Aug 2007

The OS will be what is known as OEM, Own Equipment Manufacturer, which is more economical for Novatech and cheaper for you.

Unless you plan to change your PC regularly, this is the best option.

If you bought your own OS, you would be able to transfer it to a new machine.

  JACC 13:49 03 Aug 2007

Thankyou Graham , i think i will be keeping the pc for a good length of time.

  Dart Echo 14:13 03 Aug 2007

Not that it makes any difference to your query, JACC, but OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacture.

BTW, if you were to buy from Cougar-Extreme click here you could choose either Vista or XP and get a full OEM disc, not one of those dreaded restore jobbys. 14:37 03 Aug 2007

if it's preinstalled you just burn the operating system to cd and delete the recovery partition, it will probably be the first thing you are prompted to do.

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