Vista pre-installed on laptop, but want XP

  User-44ABB03F-5A01-4521-8D3E7A783936DB72 09:55 08 Oct 2008

I wish to buy a laptop that has all the specs I need but comes with Vista pre-installed. I'd like to install XP over the top and need to know if this is feasible and if I'm going to have any problems afterwards.

Thanks for any help on this matter.

  MAJ 10:03 08 Oct 2008

Make sure you can obtain all the drivers for the relevant hardware in the laptop. some hardware manufacturers don't release XP drivers for hardware that has been designed for Vista.

  palinka 10:52 08 Oct 2008

Do you really mean you want to achieve both OSs?
Or do you want it to have sufficient spec for Vista but with XP installed?
If the latter, try Dell - you can configure your own; or you could earlier this year.

  ventanas 11:04 08 Oct 2008

Not any more I don't think. Vista seems the only option now. Probably because Microsoft stopped the sale of XP on new machines (with the exception of certain very low spec items) at the end of June. They are still offering downgrade options for certain business versions, but not, as I understand it, for home machines.
But may I ask, why on earth do you want XP when it's so inferior to Vista, and really is now history?
And as Maj says, as Vista has been out for so long now, you may struggle tp find any XP drivers for any machine you buy. Simply no point in providing them.

  MAJ 11:34 08 Oct 2008

Personally, I prefer XP to Vista, IIRC it's still supported for another six years, so I'll be sticking with it.

Chances are that the new laptop's hard drive is a SATA drive and as XP doesn't contain any SATA drivers, you'll have a problem installing XP in the first place, slav_ekkel.

  ambra4 12:26 08 Oct 2008

Microsoft eats humble pie over XP

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Microsoft extends Windows XP sales to mid-2009

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XP still killing Vista in sales volume: HP

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Microsoft is hoping people will start focusing on Vista, but Dell, HP, Asus and others

still see a large market for XP.

Dell, HP and a few other companies still selling computer with XP installed all you have

to set up a small business account at dell.

Dell will install XP and supply a Vista disc which you than use to upgrade to Vista

It one of their options in the small business section (Only) they do not offer this option in

the Home computer section

I have just bought a Vostro 1510 with XP Pro installed and received a Vista disk plus a

CD with the XP & Vista drivers for my daughter with out any problem just open a Small

business account with Dell

If you buy with only Vista installed you will have to find the XP drivers for that machine

Start Out Right With Vostro Laptops

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Genuine Windows Vista® Business (SP1) with XP Pro installed and Vista & XP Media-

English [add £40.00]

For those requiring Windows ® XP Professional now and the option to install Windows Vista in the future

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  ventanas 14:12 08 Oct 2008

click here

click here

click here

Those machines offered by Dell are Vostro and only available to business customers, as I stated.
XP is dead as far as home customers are concerned.

You do not need to set up an acount with Dell, I have recently purchased 15 machines from them, simply paid in advance.
This is about your only option, they may even often to sell you one without you being a business. These are difficult times.
Give them a ring.

  woodchip 14:21 08 Oct 2008

If you can get the Hardware Drivers that Support XP, you can do it by buying XP from click here

  woodchip 14:22 08 Oct 2008

You cannot load it over the top you have to clear the Partition

  ambra4 17:16 08 Oct 2008


Your information is out dated that was since March, July September 2008

As of the yesterday 07 October 2008, 12:04 AM

Microsoft extends Windows XP to mid-2009

click here

  chub_tor 17:49 08 Oct 2008

This site click here is a bit slow to load but it does give you the necessary steps to go through to replace Vista by XP. Backing up the original Vista partition is a good idea just in case there are no XP drivers for your chosen machine. Then you won't have to buy another Vista if the conversion fails.

If you decide to Dual Boot with Vista already installed then click here

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