Vista and Pinnacle Studio 11

  jaimie 17:22 13 Mar 2008

Is anyone else having problems with Pinnacle Studio 11 plus and Vista? Parts of studio just don't work in vista. I have been in touch with Pinnacle (they make it so hard to communicate with them) and have uninstalled and reinstalled the product 7 times still without getting it to work properly. I installed it on my other machine running XP and everthing works so I reckon the Pinnacle studio does not work with Vista even though is says so on the box. Anyone having the same problems?



  Technotiger 18:47 13 Mar 2008

I don't use Vista, but have you tried running the program in Compatibility mode?

  jaimie 19:16 13 Mar 2008

Thanks for the idea, I just tried that and got a box telling me an invalid arguement had occurred and studio ran out of memory, I have 2 gigs of memory so that is not an issue.


  MCE2K5 19:36 13 Mar 2008

Have you done the Update click here
to Studio 11.1.2

  jaimie 20:04 15 Mar 2008

MCE2KS, yes I have the latest updates nd patches thanks


  Peter1933 21:33 16 Mar 2008


No consolation, but I'm having the identical problem. Have downloaded patches Studio and from Pinnacle, neither effecting any improvement. I have lost count of the number of times I have uninstalled and installed, and used the their recommended advanced uninstal and reinstall steps.

Pinnacle seems to consider these patches resolve any incompatibility with Vista, not so in my experience!!

My PC manufacturer, Sony, does not want to know about the problem.

Where do we go from here ?


  jaimie 17:53 17 Mar 2008

Peter 1933, I got the latest advice from Pinnacle and it was predicable - unistall and then re-install, I have now done this 7 or 8 times and the scorefitter application is not there. Pinnacle support just keep sending me the same advice and asking for system details over and over. I would vote Pinnacle as the single most frustrating company I have ever dealt with, first off they make it so hard to get in touch and when you do eventually get to interact with someone they just send you round in circles. I am considering taking the software back and demanding my money back.



  jaimie 06:28 07 Apr 2008

Hi Peter1933. I Pinnacle said in their last posting to me that the only other thing it could be is my installation of vista and suggetsed I re-install Windows. I wrote back said I would not do this and they washed their hands of the problem. However I have installed studio plus on another vista machine and everthing works OK so there must be something wrong with my vista instalation so I guess I will need to re format the drive and re-install Vista. Hope this helps


  [email protected] 08:58 07 Apr 2008

I don't have Vista and this isn't the Vista forum - but - did you deactivate your AV before doing the installation. Leaving an AV scanning engine running during any software installation is asking for problems. Auto defrag engines can also cause problems so it's worth stopping everything possible.
Worth a try but of course come off-line to do it.
Good luck.

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