vista or xp (games)

  AL47 23:27 16 Oct 2007

i know this has been done to death but

i think my laptop is pretty good,
t7600G (at 2.86GHz) core 2
4gb ram
512 7950 GTX
160GB 7200 HDD

but im torn, cause i like to play games on it im wondering if xp would be better, but is it also true that xp cant see all of that ram?

ive got vista at the moment and ive used xp but ive got to sell my other laptop and its going to be with either vista or xp leaving me with the other.

any ideas for me?

its xp media center and vista premium

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  brundle 23:33 16 Oct 2007

Vista won't see all the RAM either unless you have the 64 bit version. I have XP and Vista on this desktop PC, I am sticking with XP for gaming, partly
because I am still finding my way around Vista, partly because of what I have read about the poorer performance of Vista when it comes to gaming (especially as I have a DX9 video card). This thread is indicative too; click here

  umbongo(uk) 23:39 16 Oct 2007

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ill let the links do the explaining on the ram issue

but it will tell you the diffrenc between 64bit xp n 32 bit

also a person who asked the exact same question on another forum
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  umbongo(uk) 23:48 16 Oct 2007

here,s a rant on the vista/xp 64/32bit issue about the system seeing 4 gig but only reporting 2.8 to 3.5 ,,interesting reading !!!
ill let the link do the talking as adding more comments is futile as most is covered in the links
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  AL47 00:03 17 Oct 2007

so am i right in guessing that lthough 3 something will be seen by me the extra bit i cant see is still of benefit?

thanks guys

  brundle 00:07 17 Oct 2007

No, it will be used by hardware as it is in any 32 bit system, if you have 128mb or 3128mb.

  umbongo(uk) 00:53 17 Oct 2007


Since you have a 4GB limit, your system needs to make all of the devices, and your RAM fit. That's why you see less RAM. If it didn't allocate enough address space for your hardware, the device,s wouldn't work (which would be really bad). So, it does the safe thing, and gives you less ram

so if your using vista/xp 32bit ,the ram in you system is there physically
yet the os wont use it all unless its 64 bit os

lol anyclearer

  AL47 01:05 17 Oct 2007

yes thanks for that

does anyone know how much more ram/graphics ram vista uses than xp?

  umbongo(uk) 01:58 17 Oct 2007

tht would be dependant on whether you were using onboard grfxs

onboard usualy goes upto 256mb

if the gfx card inside the laptop is a turbo design again this will be dependent on the card for details. on how much system ram it borrows even then it may borrow nothing if its happily chugging along as it will only take it if it is needed

a plug in card will use non if it is non turbo design as all will be on the card and is usualy faster ram than the turbo editions

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