vista or xp

  mmick26 12:09 16 Jun 2007

which is the best to have vista or xp

  SANTOS7 12:13 16 Jun 2007

The one that best works for you, just because Vista is the latest O/S doesn't mean it is the best.
Also your PC may not be compatible with vista so upgrading to this O/S maybe more troublesome thatn you think.

If you post more detail;s about what you are running now and what you want your new O/S to do we can advise you better..

  octal 12:16 16 Jun 2007

I use neither, so I suppose I can give you an unbiased comment.

If it was on an older computer with lower memory I would go for XP, otherwise a new computer with a fast processor and lots of memory then Vista is the one to go for, mainly I suppose because that's going to have better support for the future.

  mmick26 12:31 16 Jun 2007

i currently have a desktop running xp but looking to buy this laptop

packard bell

amd turion 64 x2 core tl-50 1.6 ghz
512kb cache
1024 ram
120 gb hard drive
vista premium
dual layer dvd rw multidrive
128 mb nvidia 6100 graphics
wireless enabled

this laptop will more or less be a replacement for pc,i mainly use it for surfing,email watching and downloading movies/music and pictures.i would also like to know if this is a good laptop to buy having not had any previous experience with laptops

  SANTOS7 12:43 16 Jun 2007

if it not an upgrade then vista would be the way to go, nearly all Lappys seem to have Vista preinstalled now anyway, as for your particular choice if you have seen it and tried it "hands on" and you like it, but it.
There are so many to choose from now you can easily get confused,good luck...

  Gongoozler 17:04 16 Jun 2007

mmick26, I haven't tried Vista but from various reviews and reports it looks good with many enhancements over XP. It is more demanding on resources though and the cheapest version - Home Basic - leaves out so many of the enhancements that it's not really worth bothering with.

  Kate B 17:16 16 Jun 2007

Why would you want an OS that has less security and functionality? Go with Vista - it's Luddite to want a new machine with XP on it. You might find it takes you a couple of days to get used to the new interface, but it's so much better than XP for everything: security, parental controls, multimedia handling, finding stuff ...

  badgermansix 17:32 16 Jun 2007

I understand that there are half a dozen or so, versions of Vista?
If this is so, what version would meet or pass
XP He or XP Pro spec.

  Gongoozler 17:51 16 Jun 2007

The versions of Vista were quite well compared in the March 2007 issue of the PCA magazine. I think the results can be summarised as: Home Basic - Don't bother. Home Premium - This is the one to use if you don't have a business needing enhanced networking and security. Business - if you do want enhanced networking and security. Ultimate - very expensive, all the features but you will only need it for serious business use. Enterprise - for very large businesses on Microsoft's Software Assurance licensing scheme.

  badgermansix 22:56 16 Jun 2007

Gongoozler, very informative, thank you.

  johnnyrocker 23:58 16 Jun 2007

i find your posting as useless to the original poster so why bother?


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