Vista only recognises 4gb of 16gb pen drive

  Hen Pecked 22:39 29 Jan 2008

I have a pen drive problem that is really doing my head in.
I have 2 pen drives, one is 8GB and the other is 16GB, and the problem I am getting is that I can copy up to 4GB of info to the drives with no problem, and the info is readable, but as soon as I go over 4GB, everything on the drives is trashed and unreadable. If I try to delete the info, I just get an error saying that the files are corrupt and can't be deleted. The only way to delete them is to format the drive.
If this just happened on 1 drive, I would put it down to the the pen drive being faulty, but I have the same problem with both.
I also have a 300GB external USB HDD, and have no problems at all with that.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  Hen Pecked 22:45 29 Jan 2008

Ooops, I forgot to add that if I check the properties of the pen drives in 'my computer', they are recognised as 8GB and 16GB.

  brundle 22:46 29 Jan 2008

The drive is formatted using FAT32 which can only handle 4gb files.Changing it to NTFS is generally not recommended for flash drives due to the extra `wear and tear` it creates in terms of reads/writes.

  brundle 22:47 29 Jan 2008

You can split large files with Winrar or 7zip click here (link to that as it's free, Winrar isn't), or even HJSplit click here

  brundle 22:48 29 Jan 2008
  Hen Pecked 22:52 29 Jan 2008

Thanks for the quick reply, but I still have the same problem if I copy multiple smaller files over, everything is readable on the drives up to 4GB, but if I then add another small file that takes me over 4GB everything gets screwed up.

  brundle 22:55 29 Jan 2008

You mean, over 4gb of capacity used?

  Hen Pecked 22:55 29 Jan 2008

Yep ...... sorry, I should have made that clear

  brundle 22:59 29 Jan 2008

Still sounds like a file-system/format problem. You could try converting one to NTFS and disable the `last access time` feature which NTFS instates. click here

Convert FAT32 > NTFS: click here

  Hen Pecked 23:03 29 Jan 2008

Thanks for your help, I'll give it a try and see what happens.


  Peter 23:49 31 Jan 2008


I think the comments above about the file size limit and the FAT32 file system are probably on the right track.

I have tried copying a 1.4GB file to my 32GB USB drive into several folders so that over 9GB of data has been copied to the 32GB drive without any problem, but, after deleting most of the 1.4GB files and then trying to copy a single 23GB file I get a message that the media is full and to insert new media.

There is sufficient free space on the drive, but I think I have exceeded the file size limit for the FAT32 file system. This may also be your problem.


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