Vista (the nightmare OS)

  hgrock 19:27 21 Nov 2007

Hello people
I have vista on my pc, I installed it, I am the only user no others in the user account and therefore the administrator, Yet almost everything I try to do I get the message you do not have permission please contact the administrator, tonight I am trying to download the vista driver for my Lexmark p6350 printer and I am told I do not have permission but it allows me to download the XP driver, some old files on my d drive I cannot delete, I need permission.
How can I turn this silly checking off, can anyone help here please its driving me nuts

  PP321 19:32 21 Nov 2007

Yup join the growing line of users who think vista is [email protected]

  johnnyrocker 19:32 21 Nov 2007

vista forum?


  Technotiger 19:40 21 Nov 2007
  p;3 19:42 21 Nov 2007

PCA's own vista section is click here

  hssutton 19:59 21 Nov 2007

Well I love Vista, you can overcome the Admin bit by right clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator" or just follow Technotiger "Click Here".

I find the only problem with Vista is not so much Vista, but Software/hardware companies.

I went through a little head scratching this morning when attempting to install the Spyder 2 Suite, which the manufacturer says is Vista compatible. Actually it is when you eventually suss out that the software is not compatible, but a 130Mb file is.

  Border View 20:17 21 Nov 2007

Sorry hssutton I cannot agree. I have been researching for problems my sister has with her printer and cannot believe the number of problems that people are encountering with vista. Great if you get an OK copy of this OS but I feel that the majority of users are finding problems and its not the manufacturers of software/hardware.

If I was in the market for a new computer NO WAY would I have a Vista install. I would wait at least another six to nine months before I would touch it with a barge pole.

I shall stick with my XP - just as loads and loads of people are telling the sellers of new computers. They want XP not Vista. Sure it looks nice but there are just too many flaws in this OS. Its ME reincarnated.

  hgrock 20:34 21 Nov 2007

hssutton am afraid i am inclined to agree with Barmoor almost everything one does on vista there is a hassle, there are very few audio cards that would work with vista, if one buys a motherboard in 99% of the case the driver CD would not work nor can you get on the internet to search because the lan driver is required and vista dont like the CD where the lan driver is. i can go on and on but think of a problem and think of vista i just want to do my work without being asked have you permission when i am the only user

  hssutton 20:55 21 Nov 2007

Did you follow and implement the link that Technotiger provided? and disable UAC? As I have already mentioned the problem is not so much with Vista, but third party manufacturers.

I've been using Vista Ultimate since early this year and have experienced no software or hardware problems until today and that was not due to Vista but due to the manufacturer of the hardware that I installed today,but the software/drivers where available on-line

  hgrock 21:13 21 Nov 2007

Thanks all

  octal 22:27 21 Nov 2007

I know nothing about Vista, but surely running as Administrator is a security risk, isn't it?

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