vista new updates today worse

  jade25 12:31 25 Aug 2007

vista just updated three updates, haven't a clue what they were, but there was three more to install which were nVidia drivers ect and l was going to download drivers for that. Since the three from windows update installed its a lot worse, when logging on it crashed three times also mouse crashed quite a few times so its taking 8 to ten minutes to get online..
Has anyone else downloaded them and having problems,

  €dstowe 12:45 25 Aug 2007

I can never understand why Microsoft think they have the right to filch third party updates and software (such as Nvidia drivers) and pass them off as improvements to their operating systems.

If I want to improve my graphics card or sound card or any other peripherals I will go to the manufacturers web site not use some half baked attempt by Bill Gates and associates.

This sort of thing has happened so often in the past.

Nowadays I will not allow automatic updating of my Windows systems. Yes, I let Windows update inform me that there is stuff available but I examine it carefully before downloading and ignore anything that does not belong to part of the operating system. Even then, I wait a few days to see if anyone has problems with Microsoft's downloads before installing - it has been known and I have been caught out by rogue updates that played havoc with my setup.

With third party driver and similar updates that MS kindly offer, I ignore them completely. My systems work the way I want them to - if they didn't I would have sorted them out sooner. I don't want unnecessary fiddling and twiddling about with systems I am reasonably happy with especially when there is a danger, as you have found jade25, of the thing going base over apex.

I'm a great believer in the adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

  jade25 13:19 25 Aug 2007

I don't think l would have downloaded them but needed them as was having a lot of trouble with ghapics but there wasn't any to update. was told a website to download them from yesterday but forgot. l put the pc on this morning and was told these were what l was waiting for yet there making it worse.
It was my fault getting vista and never a day goes past were there isn't a problem, some small and some large. Would like to ask as it crashes when l log on what about leaving it on but not online over night, l shouldn't think it would use a lot of electric and it will just hiberate, what do you think, if l could afford another kp would get it straight away,

do a system restore to before update, run update right click anything that isnt security and hide update, realtek nvidia etc. i had a similer problem with my webcam and sound card. just hide anything thats not for the operating system. vista puts the new over the old and with most drivers that doesnt work!

  birdface 22:38 25 Aug 2007

Roll back the driver to the previous one and with a bit of luck that will put it right.

  jade25 23:15 25 Aug 2007

Will do that adman. It did make a system restore after installing the graphic drivers.
Buteman the previous drivers were not sutible for vista, found a lot about them today and from what l read the grapics drivers are just the XP ones. Would love a trouble free day with vista.
What about leaving it on, to both of you as it crashes and mouse does when l switch it on in a morning and just before l am on line.
One thing l would like to ask is my son put a password on and as it takes 8 to 10 minutes to get on line ( twice the time dial up was ) l would like to take password of as have taken administrator of just in case its faster, its fine when your online but start up seems so slow and had a look what to take of but to be truthfull couldn't understand them so left it in case l took the wrong ones of,

  jakimo 10:49 26 Aug 2007

no need to do a system restore to roll back the graphic driver,just go into system manager,select display\drivers and rollback from here

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