Vista & Lotus 123

  Abel 07:55 05 Mar 2009

I’m trying to load Lotus 123 Release 9 onto a new machine I’ve bought, which has Vista as its operating system, but for whatever reason it will not load. Until now, I’ve been happily using the programme with XP Professional. Can anyone suggest what I’m doing wrong or is it just that Vista doesn’t like this programme?


  john bunyan 15:40 05 Mar 2009

I like Lotus 123, too and use their millenium edition on XP Pro - am planning to give Vista a miss and wait for the proper release of Win 7 or whatever. I understand that lotus 123 is the same as Open Ofice?? Got my Millenium 123 as part of a cheap suite a couple of years ago, and have used Lotus for over 15 years so will be sad if I have to learn how to use Excel etc - I use a lot of complicated macros for automatic graph creating.Maybe worth trying the Millenium edition if you see it around.

  MAJ 15:54 05 Mar 2009

I have just hunted out and loaded, my old favourite, Lotus SmartSuite 97 on to my Vista laptop. It loaded and runs without problems, except for a message on installation about ScreenCam (I think it was) not being compatible with Windows NT.

  Abel 18:26 05 Mar 2009

Thanks for your information MAJ. Now I know it's not Vista that's the problem, I'll have another go.

john bunyan, let me tell you, Open Office is nothing like Lotus 123. It's more like Microsoft Excel, except the formatting is not entirely compatable. What I mean by that is, if you open an Excel spreadsheet in Open Office the data is quite, quite different. In any event, Open Office is a suite of programmes similar to Word, PowerPoint and Excel etc. I'm not knocking the suite of programmes, I'm sure they're perfectly good, but they just don't transfer to those applications they're supposed to emulate.


  john bunyan 18:33 05 Mar 2009

Thanks for info. I am so used to Lotus 123, Wordpro and Freelance that I would be very sad to not be able to use them - hope you manage to get yours going.

  Abel 18:48 05 Mar 2009

Thanks john bunyan, with MAJ's assurance I'm now convinced the problem's not Vista.
By the way, I have both Lotus and Microsoft suites on my machine because I oversee aspects of applications belonging to friends and colleagues. I have to say, that if you're so familiar with Lotus applications, you'll soon acquaint yourself with those of Microsoft. If not, use this forum, there's so much expertise available to us


  sheila.weston 09:53 26 Apr 2009

Abel, Did you manage to load Lotus onto your Vista machine? I have just tried with my 9.7 disk and got the error message 'Error 1327: Invalid drive D:\. I have just posted a query about converting lwp and 123 to Word and then saw your post.

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