Vista/ laptop/wifi config

  [email protected] 18:51 26 Aug 2007

I am not familiar with Vista or laptops which already have an integral wifi capability, so be gentle ;-)
My friend couldn't work out how to connect her new laptop via wifi to her modem so she brought it to me to see if I could connect it to mine.
I booted it up - clicked Start - studied the new layout for a bit then clicked Connect To.
Not too sure what exactly happened after that but the laptop recognised my wifi setup and told me it's name and that it was security protected (which it is).
From there it was relatively easy to input my WEP key and then connect to the internet - easy I thought.
This afternoon I returned the laptop expecting to be no more than a couple of minutes doing the same thin. Wrong.
I booted it up - clicked Start then Connect To.
The laptop "saw" her wifi network, gave the name and the fact that it was security protected - BUT - from there on I was not able to find out how to input her own security key, provided by the ISP, in the laptop configuration; I just couldn't find the same boxes which allowed me to configure her laptop for the network.
Any advice would be welcome on how to configure it please and also, why was it so easy here in my office but not in hers?

  [email protected] 19:40 26 Aug 2007

PS: During my efforts, Vista did random generate some key(s) to use, but even deleting the Windows provided key and inserting my own didn't work.

  [email protected] 08:32 27 Aug 2007

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