Vista laptop unable to connect to wireless router

  Sconehead 13:02 26 Mar 2009

My network setup is as follows :-

Router - Buffalo

XP PC Desktop connected directly to wireless router.

Vista installed on laptop wireless connection to router.

Until this week I was able to use laptop to connect to the network using its wireless connection. Now i am unable to connect and the router is not being displayed in the list of available routers. The laptop can see other routers in the area, just not mine. I have reinstalling the connection using Vistas wireless wizard and manual method, both methods stating that connection was successful, but router is still not available.

any ideas on what I can try next???

  mgmcc 22:05 26 Mar 2009

Go into the router's wireless settings and ensure it is still broadcasting its SSID (Network Name). You can open the router's configuration pages by typing its IP address ( for a Buffalo router) into the web browser of your XP PC which is connected to it by ethernet cable.

  Sconehead 20:37 29 Mar 2009


Thanks for your post, the router is broadcasting its SSID. I have tested this by using a WII which is using the wireless network to connect to the Internet, the test was successful. I have also managed to get the Vista laptop to list my wireless network in the available networks and it is listed with a strong signal. But is still not able to connect.

  mgmcc 20:58 29 Mar 2009

Try deleting the existing wireless network (from the "Networking & Sharing Center" click the link at the left to Manage Wireless Networks) and then "Connect" again so that a new profile is saved.

  Sconehead 21:16 30 Mar 2009


Thanks again for your post. When I went into "Manage wireless networks that use (Wireless Network Connection" there was no actual network listed, so I added a network manuall with the same SSID as the router.

I then tried to connect to this network from "Network and Sharing".

But only got the message "Windowws cannot connect to XXXXXXX, Diagnose the problem etc

  mgmcc 22:55 30 Mar 2009

Don't try to set it up manually. Right click the Network icon in the System Tray beside the clock and select "Connect to a network". In the widow that opens, highlight the network which matches your router's SSID and then click the Connect button. When prompted, enter any WEP/WPA encryption key that is configured in the router.

  Sconehead 18:20 31 Mar 2009


I removed the network which I added using the manual method. I also tried the automated method of adding a network using a USB, the required files where created using my Windows XP machine which is hard wired to the router. I wanted to make sure that I had the right settings.

I then tried to connect to this network but it still failed.

This I removed so that I could try your suggestion. As per your instructions I selected the router which matched my SSID, signal strength excellent as I stuck the laptop right next to it.
I then clicked the connect button. I received the error message "Windows cannot connect to xxxx" xxxx is being my routers SSID.

  mgmcc 19:43 31 Mar 2009

Have you installed any Windows updates recently? If so, one of these could have messed up your wireless networking.

  Sconehead 18:11 01 Apr 2009


I have tried a system restore to a point when I knew the wireless setup was working. I'll take it back further.

I bought the laptop from Dell in October and it least came with the windows disc so i could do a complete restore if the worst comes to the worst.

  T0SH 19:31 01 Apr 2009

Try the winsock fix from here

(direct download)

click here

Cheers HC

  T0SH 19:34 01 Apr 2009

Ops sorry misread your post the Winsock fix is for XP only

Cheers HC

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