Vista lappy & Nexus 7

  AngeTheHippy 18:44 27 Sep 2012

Evening Chaps, I can move files from lappy to tablet no probs, but as everyone knows - when summit connected to ya PC, (portable HDD, Kindle etc) you need to back it out by clicking it's icon in the SYS tray, otherwise damage can occur....only I DON'T have an icon for the Nexus 7 ! Any ideas why, please, and how I can get it there??

AngeTheHippy X

  AngeTheHippy 20:53 27 Sep 2012

I don't know what &amp is! Should say... Lappy & Nexus 7.

  northumbria61 20:54 27 Sep 2012

This should answer your query enter link description here

  AngeTheHippy 21:07 27 Sep 2012

Many thanks indeed, northumbria61, that's exactly it!!

Ange X

  KRONOS the First 00:20 28 Sep 2012

I very rarely bother with clicking on the 'Safely Remove' icon, providing you are not transferring data then there will not be a problem.

  Forum Editor 09:27 28 Sep 2012

Chronus is right.....

No harm can occur unless your PC is writing data to the attached device when you disconnect manually.

  Graham* 10:24 28 Sep 2012

Unless you're using a Mac.

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