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  Ricktos 20:03 13 Feb 2009

Hi all

Can't seem to get these two linked up so the Xbox can access 'Live' via the PC. Have tried static and automatic IP addresses, ensuring all ICS and firewall settings are correct, network detection is on, etc.

When the Xbox is turned on, the PC detects the network and sets it up as Local Area Network 2. The Xbox can see my computer and can access shared folders but can't for some reason, access Live via the PC.

Any help appreciated...

  mgmcc 20:55 13 Feb 2009

When you enable ICS on the actual internet connection (modem connection)in the PC, then *WINDOWS* will configure the network adapter with which you connect to the Xbox with the fixed IP address of - you should *NOT* configure the settings yourself. The Xbox will get its IP address in the subnet automatically by DHCP from the PC.

  Ricktos 23:20 13 Feb 2009

That's all very well and good but when I open the properties for the internet connected network (with or without the Xbox turned on and connected) there is no sharing tab to enable ICS on. The sharing tab only appears on the new network which is created when the Xbox network is detected. Both networks remain seperate when the Xbox network is detected.

As advised previously, I have tried adjusting the settings myself while following a Microsoft guide and a forum entry on another site...

All settings are now back to Automatic which I know is working for a friend with the same set up. Unfortunately, I still cannot access Xbox live with the settings automatic. I have also checked and ensured that DHCP is enabled.

Any ideas on how I can get 'Live' working...

  mgmcc 08:56 14 Feb 2009

In order to share your internet connection with the Xbox, you must have within the Network Connections folder, *TWO* network connections - one which is the internet connection on which ICS is enabled and a second which is the "Network Adapter" used to connect to the Xbox. This second network connection should be present irrespective of whether or not there is anything connected to it.

>>> The sharing tab only appears on the new
>>> network which is created when the Xbox
>>> network is detected

The "sharing" tab you're interested in is in the Properties of the *INTERNET CONNECTION* (modem connection), not the connection to the Xbox.

Am I missing something? Are you not connecting the Xbox via a conventional ethernet LAN cable or "wirelessly"?

  Ricktos 13:02 14 Feb 2009

I know what you're saying and understand completely which I why the situation is a little baffling for me as well.

The Xbox and the PC are connected via a crossover ethernet cable and the PC is connected via USB to a Scientific Atlanta modem which runs through Virgin Media.

At the moment, as my Xbox is turned off, the connection to it does not exist when I check the Network and Sharing Centre. All that is there is this;

Network (Public Network)
Access - Local and Internet
Connection - Local Area Connection 2

When I turn the Xbox on a second network begins being detected underneath, eventualluy naming itself Local Area Connection 1. Properties on this connection shows the Sharing tab on which the options to turn on ICS are there.

On Local Area Connection 2 (the internet), there is no option to enable sharing in the properties as the tab is not there. This is the case whether the Xbox is turned on (and it's network has appeared) or not turned on.

Certainly a weird problem. Is there any way to reset it all or start from scratch, etc?

I've recently updated the modem drivers with the latest and don't really have any other ideas...

  mgmcc 13:07 14 Feb 2009

>>> the connection to it does not exist when I check the Network and Sharing Centre

You're in the wrong place. Its connection will be in the "Network Connections" folder - go to "Start > Run", type NCPA.CPL and click OK to open the Network Connections folder.

  Ricktos 13:52 14 Feb 2009

So it is although it says the network cable is unplugged.

Checking both connections here shows the same result in the properties as well. Only the Xbox has the option to enable sharing...

  Ricktos 15:27 14 Feb 2009


I have managed to reset everything by deleting the drivers and re-installing them. The ICS Sharing tab now appears on the internet connection rather than the Xbox one and the Xbox was detected as an Extender for Windows Media Centre although would not go through the full installation of it.

Unfortunately, the Xbox still cannot go live via this connection.

Any suggestions welcome...

  Ricktos 15:55 14 Feb 2009

Finally got this sorted thanks to a guide I found on a blog;

click here

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