vista ICS and xbox 360

  second best 21:56 21 Nov 2009

Hi. I have a wireless laptop connected wirelessly to a netgear dg834g router. Ican access the GUI of the router.

Iwant to add my xbox 360 to my laptop using ICS, (assuming this is the best/preferred option)

I have tried in vain all day since 9 this morning. However I do not have access to the router to power cyle it, so i've been settling for remote reboot.

I have a cross over cable.

I have managed to enable ICS on my laptop and have my xbox connected. I have intermittent connection to the 'network' but never the internet/xbox live.

all setting are to auto. Router is set to DHCP assign.

Must be something very simple i'm missing here.

Any ideas?

  second best 22:10 21 Nov 2009

i have just disabled my wireless internet connection and switched off my xbox. enabled the wirless net again and waited till it settled. then switched my xbox on and gone straight to network configure and the address is

i haven't changed anyhting yet before when i set it all up the address was something inthe region of 192.168.0 25

This at least allowed me, on screen, to seemingly connect to the network/my laptop, but never tot he internet coz of either dns server issues or ip address not obtained.

my head is dunin :(

  mgmcc 22:11 21 Nov 2009

Internet Connection Sharing uses the Subnet (IP address range), so Windows will allocate the address to the network adapter in the 'Host' PC that connects to the 'Client' device, which then gets its addresses by DHCP from the Host PC.

However, Netgear DG834G routers also have the address and allocate addresses between and Therefore, you have an immediate IP address conflict. You need to change the third "octet" in the DG834G's own IP address from to something like or etc, so that it allocates addresses in a different range.

Silly question, but why do you want to connect to the PC using ICS instead of connecting the Xbox directly to the router?

  second best 01:31 22 Nov 2009

Thanks mgmcc.

I've manged to get a connection using network bridge.

As I said inthe starting thread, i don't have physical access to the router so i can't just plug straight in. I'm connected wirelessly.

I have been into the router and changed the ip to 1.1 but it still didn't seem to work. i've had enough for today so i'll see where i get tomorrow or even the day after.

Thanks again

  second best 13:00 22 Nov 2009

Hi, anyone there?

To ICS or not to ICS, that is the question. or is it to network bridge??

  second best 13:15 22 Nov 2009

ok, incase this isn't clear.

netgear wireless router connected to the net.

wireless laptop connected to router.

Xbox 360 ethernet to laptop.

What is the best setup?

I'm reading all kinds of bumpf saying don't use ICS if you have DNS DHCP SERVERS. Well i have them in the router.!

Too much info to break down.

I do not have physical access to the router so can't power cycle, however i can remote reboot.

  second best 13:19 22 Nov 2009

mgmcc. why am i getting an address of:

on my xbox?


  kev-a 14:16 22 Nov 2009

I don't fully understand ip address allocation so i won't try to advise, But i have read on the tinternet that bridging a 360 to the Internet through a Laptop does raise some issues that can become a nightmare to overcome.

It may be an idea to purchase a 360 network adaptor and connect that way.
I know there extortionate for what they are but it maybe worth the cost over nerve damage as you constantly hit your head against the door frame trying to resolve your issue.

I know you mentioned you have'nt access to the Netgear, Is it feasable to run a cat to the Netgear say through a hole in the wall (Small Hole Honest ???


  mgmcc 21:07 22 Nov 2009

>>> why am i getting an address of:


>>> on my xbox?

Because the Xbox hasn't managed to find a DHCP server from which to get its IP address, Windows has defaulted to allocating an APIPA "169.254" address (Automatic Private IP Addressing). If you haven't enabled ICS in the PC, it won't act as a DHCP server.

If the Xbox is going to get its internet access via the PC, then you need to set up ICS properly. To do this it will be necessary to connect to the router by ethernet cable and reconfigure it to operate in a Subnet other than because ICS must use this Subnet.

  second best 22:23 22 Nov 2009

hi mgmcc

like i say i can connect wirelessley to the router and change all the settings. seems after reading around a little i've educated myself. Needed to disable dhcp in router in order for ICS to work correctly. I've assigned an ip address to the local network nic and it's working just fine. 16hrs of searching. wow.

Thanks for taking the time.

  second best 23:41 22 Nov 2009

Sorry Ratboy, missed your post. Thanks for the info, but again, haha, I have access, just not physically. the network is not secured in my shared house, but too far for cables.

Anyway. I've resolved it. Thanks again fellas.

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