Vista hp crahed after updating, won't reboot

  ian3 22:22 28 Dec 2007

newish Medion pc works ok after some initial problems with vista and older hardware.
Returned from a month away to find 12 MS auto updates and installed them (can't remember what they were). Then started Mailwasher to get rid of junk in 650 emails but part way through everything disappeared to give a blueish screen with a small white oblong in top rh corner (latter hasn't appeared since).
No response to anything so switched off with on button.

Tried to reboot which produced:
Intel logo with inoperable options below
followed by
pc started to boot then
a window 'Windows Error Recovery' screen came up with various options none of which could be accessed.
After the usual 30 seconds to 'Start Normally' it went on to a 'Micro Soft Corporation' rolling symbol as though it was going to load but after about 10 seconds went blank to a bluish empty screen.

installed manufacturers Recovery Disc and restarted using main button. Same thing happened and I could hear cd whirring but it was obviously not recognised.

tried again and again but always the same

I am using a second pc with XP Pro to send this.

Any help/guidance gratefully received


  Ashrich 23:08 28 Dec 2007

Did you set the Medion to boot from the CD drive in the bios ? It will only boot otherwise from the CD if it thinks that the hard disk is empty or unreadable


  p;3 23:17 28 Dec 2007

you might yet some more specific 'vista' help if you post this request in the vista section

click here

  johnnyrocker 23:33 28 Dec 2007



  woodchip 23:41 28 Dec 2007

Medion should have three options for recovery.
1. Recover Boot files only
2.Recover System -and Driver files
3.Restore factory settings.

But as above you need to check CMOS settings and make sure first boot device is your dvd followed by Hard Drive

  ian3 12:22 29 Dec 2007

Thanks guys for coming back so promptly and if I can comment to all:

Ashrich - No, just the normal boot up process via hard drive. I used the Recovery disc afterwards.

p;3 - Have done.

johnnyrocker - as above

woodchip - Medion only provided a 'Recovery Disc' which has I mentioned isn't recognised even though the machine tries to play it. Could you suggest any other means of creating an access?
Finally there appears to be no way I can check CMOS settings etc.

  Forum Editor 13:37 29 Dec 2007

on the same subject in different forum areas. You're getting help here, so I've closed the thread you posted in the Vista form.

  Ashrich 21:25 29 Dec 2007

As far as I am aware , you need to boot from the recovery disk to get things going , if you can enter the bios ( not sure which keys to press to enter it on a Medion ) you can change the boot sequence to allow booting from the CD/DVD , then you can start the recovery .


  ian3 21:50 29 Dec 2007

Hi Ashley

I'm in the middle of seemingly the impossible, i.e. reinstalling the whole system. I wasn't getting anywhere and chanced upon a pile of documentation from around the time I bought the pc and saw a 'frquently asked questions' note from Medion. One of the questions was: 'My computer is freezing up at the Intel page'. Mine was freezing after this but I thought it worthwhile investigating. The answer was:
1. Turn pc off.
2. Turn the rocker switch at the back of the pc off.
3. Press and hold the front power button for 60 seconds.
4. Turn rocker switch back on.
5. Turn pc on as normal.

Although I had to experiment with a few alternatives, I did manage to get it to reinstall and although I have had to reinstall all my programs (part way through at the moment) it does seem to have worked. Fortunately I had backed up most to a seperate HD and so far it's been a long winded job which will hopefully be successful.

I'll let you know what happens.


  ian3 22:27 29 Dec 2007

Hi again Ashley

Whole pc crashed again and now I get a horrible clicking sound when it tries to start up (I think I've seen something in the past which says when that happens the hard drive has gone - YUK).

Have tried everyway to get back up but it goes so far, then the clicking stops at a page which asks me whether I want to use the HD or CD to run but it freezes so nothing works.


  Johnnybee 00:27 30 Dec 2007

Hi Ian; just cottoned on to this one, and from what's been said so far I'd concur with your diagnosis that the HDD is out of the game.
This is probably because of something that was either part of the update procedures or, more likely, a boot virus that has been doing the rounds by e-mail for the past few months.
The simple way out of this is to beg, borrow or otherwise get your hands on a Win XP CD and do a fresh install of XP - forget Vista, it's a load of rubbish.
You could at a push install the 'new' HDD on your old rig as slave to HDD0, then use Norton Ghost or Acronis Clone to lay a direct copy of your own XP OS onto it, which is probably better as your apps and progs will all be there for you.

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