Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium

  Canberra100 17:33 11 Feb 2011

Hi Everyone,

I am taking the plunge and upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista. Can you tell me whether the following is a good idea.

I intend to complete a factory reinstall and thereby clear my hard drive of all the junk left behind after numerous uninstalls. Once this is done do I need to update vista before I run windows 7 upgrade disc.

I have run windows 7 upgrade advisor and apart from a couple of minor software updates all appears fine. My documents, files etc are all backed on clickfree.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:45 11 Feb 2011

Do a windows 7 Clean install from the Upgrade disk click here

  Canberra100 18:00 11 Feb 2011

Hi Fruit Bat,

I started to read your link and it mentions, boot order in your bios, that scares me a little as I'm not confident in tampering with that area of the pc but thanks anyway. I know there will be some who would try that but not me.

Would the clean install not delete vista altogether, if so how would I reinstall 7 later if I need to.


  mooly 18:18 11 Feb 2011

The "important" bit is step 7 and 8 in Fruitbats link, the advanced options and from there, format. You are using the W7 disk to format your partition so it wipes it anyway.
The current state of your Vista installation is irrelevant.

The BIOS boot order is the easy bit as you are only changing the "boot" order so that the CD drive is seen and used first. You are not "messing" or "flashing" the BIOS. It's just a normal user change.

I used the same method to clean install Vista using an upgrade disc, and it's brilliant.

One bit of advice... I used Acronis during my install and did a Vista install and updates in one. I never went online or added anything (other than Acronis), just set up the desktop etc and kept making incremental backups during the updates and service packs. I then took a "full" image of that and have it tucked away should it be needed.

  Canberra100 18:23 11 Feb 2011

Thanks Mooly, I'll take another look at the link and see how I feel.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 11 Feb 2011

Its probably already set to boot from CD first

  gazzaho 19:35 11 Feb 2011

If you are unsure about changing your BIOS and have a mobile phone with a camera, then enter the BIOS and take a picture of every screen in the BIOS, then exit without changing any settings.

This will give you a record of what settings are stored so if you make changes you can easily change them back if the machine becomes unstable. Changing the boot order for the optical drive shouldn't cause any problems and as Fruit Bat suggests it's possibly set already.

  Canberra100 20:05 13 Feb 2011

Thanks gazzaho, a good idea. Lets hope all goes well.

Appreciate everyone's advice.


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