Vista Home Premium 64bit

  Liverbird 00:56 20 Jun 2008

I think that I boobed when I bought an OEM copy of this operating system. My favorite programme can't load on 64bit, but it would on 32bit, and the manifacturer has no plans to support it either. I've learned since that it's mainly bought by gamers and other misinformed novices who don't do gaming. I just wanted to get the best system I could as I don't upgrade often.My previous operating system was Windows 2000, but I foun d the disc was broken when I needed to re-install it. I tried to download a free program tonight, and I got a similar message, it didn't support 64 bit, only 32 bit systems. I bought a new hard-drive with Vista, and still have the old one which needs re-formatting. Can I put XP on that and use the both systems, obviously one at a time? I haven't tried to install any other programmes as I'm beginning to think that most wont work. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks, Lynne

  crosstrainer 06:12 20 Jun 2008

Provided you have the same motherboard in your machine, and a full legal copy of XP, yes you can.

I'm afrais you have found out too late about 64 bit Vista....It's a nightmare with huge compatibility issues.

Dual boot Installation:

click here

Step by step instructions.

  Liverbird 11:43 20 Jun 2008

I've saved that address and will come back to it later. I was offerred and legitimate copy. But I turned it down. I'll now go back to the generous person who offerred it. But I was wondering would the same apply to putting Linux on my other hard drive. I've been curious about that for a long time, and it would kill two birds at once as it were, tht's if it could install my programmes. All comments welcommed, as usual. I'm kicking myself here. I should have asked you guys first whether to get 32 bit or 64 bit, before I placed my order. Oh well, we live and learn. Thanks again, Lynne

  Zeppelyn 13:29 20 Jun 2008

Quote "64 bit Vista....It's a nightmare with huge compatibility issues."

How so? its the most stable Windows OS Ive ever used.


What is the program your having problems with? Most 32 bit apps install ok, Is it a game?

  crosstrainer 14:21 20 Jun 2008

Linux is open source, so you should not have any problems there.

  crosstrainer 14:24 20 Jun 2008

We have had huge driver and hardware issues with Vista 64. Many manufacturers are simply not coding drivers for hardware.

Many applications bomb as well. I road tested it at home, and whilst the os itself is stable, third party support is woeful still.

The uptake on the 64 bit version has been relatively low (hence the lack of support)

  Zeppelyn 14:41 20 Jun 2008

Point taken, guess Im lucky as my HP Scanjet, HP Printer, Creative X-Fi, Belkin wireless and Logitech KB and mouse etc are all well supported. Also all the 32 bit apps I use, none of which are games btw.

  Liverbird 15:34 20 Jun 2008

Zeppelyn, I agree about the stability of Vista 64bit, from the little experience I've had. I only installed it a few days ago, and it's much faster and obedient than anything else I've tried (my own Windows 2000, and my partners laptop has XP), but I'm beginning to realise that you are right about the lack of supported software. However it accepted our Netgear wireless modem, logitech webcam, logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, and our network HP Photosmart C5180 printer. I haven't tried other programmes yet. I'm feeling ill after an operation last week, so this is a slowly slowly job. I'm still wondering about whether do go for Linux or XP, and I've contacted the kind offerrers of both, so as to keep my options open. I could I suppose download Linux from the web also. But I haven't looked into this yet. For anybody else who is trying to decide whether to get 64 or 32 bit Vista. My knitting design programme manifacturers told me that 64 bit is mainly for gamers and hence regular program makers do mostly for 32 bit. Some duplicte and do both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. I suppose it's economics. They do what generates the most profit. I'll keep you informed where I'm up to and thanks for discussing this with me. Lynne

  Liverbird 15:38 20 Jun 2008

Oops, Zeppelyn, I didn't explain properly, sorry. It's Knitware, my machine knitting design programme that is incompatable. I emailed the makers and there answer is in my previous post. Lynne

  Liverbird 15:39 20 Jun 2008

I just read my last post. What lousy spelling. I'm going for a lie down :) Lynne

  crosstrainer 16:06 20 Jun 2008

Yes, it's games and leisure apps (and older programmes that many client's want to keep) that cause the issues....I suppose you could argue that they are to mean to fork out for new versions, but office networks tend to keep the same kit and software for years.

I really don't see Vista being the next corporate o/s move. Maybe not even Windows 7. Most are happy with XP pro.

When they have to move, they will, but it's not just the cost of bulk o/s licensing they will have to worry about.

Staff training, new office apps etc. Big move for corporates :)

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