Vista Home Premium

  Jacton 19:40 29 Mar 2007

I loaded Vista Home Premium over Windows XP all worked well except my internet connections with BT Broadband which I have now found out is not compatable, but then when I next started my PC Vista would not accept my password and it now will not allow me to recover, so I am stuck with a PC with Vista Home Premium that I cannot get to open and no broadband connection anyway or this old machine thankfully still running on windows 98.

anybody got any ideas how I can get my new machine to work as it seems to be stuck on this passord lockout. I have tried to reload but it wont let me. I think I will have to reformat the hard drive but I cannot seem to get this to work either.

Is my only alternative to take my machine to a PC specialist for them to sort it out or can anybody help?????

Help Please anybody!!!!!!!!!

  Hackwatch 19:46 29 Mar 2007

Do you have the discs for both Vista & XP?

  skidzy 20:01 29 Mar 2007

Can you boot into safemode ?

If not,take out the drive and use an usb ide converter cable and plug into another computer and format the drive.Or use a usb caddy.

  Jacton 21:18 29 Mar 2007

I have now got my system working again but cannot get e-mail. I can connect to the internet via MSN but not btbroadband and cannot get outlook express or the new vista mail to connect. I am stumped, and yes I have both the discs for XP and vista but the vista is the upgrade to home premium only

  yaesu 15:31 30 Mar 2007

Hi, just a thought but are you aware that the BT browser isn't currently compatible with Vista? You could try ie7 or firefox. If you use BT's web mail you'll need to set up oe to transfer your mail, have a look here click here. Regards, yaesu

  Jacton 19:19 30 Mar 2007

Sorry I am a complete novice I have always used outlook express and would have no idea how to set up e-mail with the new vista. I upgraded cause I thought I would not have to worry about solving any problems like this

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