vista "hinderance or help?"

  tricia321 17:23 11 May 2007

I have a new laptop with vista on it, my old pc blew up!! the amount of problems I have had trying to get my programmes working is unbelievable!!! hardly any of the work.
I have an XP disc that came with my old pc, can I install Xp as well as run vista on the same machine ? it would solve all my problems as I could use all my old programmes when I have XP running. would appreciate some help on this, thanks Tricia

  rawprawn 17:47 11 May 2007

Have a look here, I hope this helps.
click here

  tricia321 17:58 11 May 2007

thanks rawprawn, looks awesome but I will have a go when I feel brave enough, can I go back to square one if I mess up? Tricia

  rawprawn 18:44 11 May 2007

This may be better for you, I would suggest that you make a full backup using something like Acronis before you start. I too had problems when I bought a new computer getting older programs to work. I took the easy wat out and replaced with new programs where possible, and abandoned those that didn't.
This may make an interesting read
click here

  rawprawn 18:47 11 May 2007

Sorry here is the link
click here

  tricia321 18:52 11 May 2007

hi rawprawn, the last link didnt work, can you repost it? thanks

  Kate B 19:25 11 May 2007

You won't be able to activate the XP disc from your old PC - it's almost certainly an OEM disc and the licence for it will have died with your old machine. What programs are you trying to run under Vista?

  tricia321 20:24 11 May 2007

hi Kate I am trying to run a bluetooth, usb...a digital tv usb...motorola phone brother photo editing prepaid virus internet security of which i have had to buy new and Pc world did fix my printer to work but everything else I cant get to work, even though I have downloaded new drivers from the websites concerned, I wish I had bought an older laptop with XP installed now!!!

  superhoops 20:53 11 May 2007

Motorola Phone Tools installed no problem on Vista for me, but quite a lot didnt- Microsoft Money being the one I had to go out and replace immediately

  Kate B 21:01 11 May 2007

I'm using Microsoft Money on Vista with no problems. Bluetooth also should be fine, it's supported natively under Vista. What's your antivirus suite? As far as I know both Norton and McAfee are ok with Vista. Dunno about the USB TV stick, have you checked the manufacturer's website for drivers? And how old is it - older stuff might not work. What photo editing suite are you trying to use? There are free alternatives.

It sounds to me as though you might be trying to use stuff that's just too old to work with Vista, though have you tried running things in compatibility mode?

  tricia321 11:37 12 May 2007

hi kate my photo editing suite is quite old and I was running a paid version of AVG but had to buy norton internet security. how do you run things in compatibility mode?

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