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  Sibbo 16:04 26 Mar 2009

I'm getting loads of BSOD's and it's driving me insane. Does Vista have a repair feature like XP did? Thanks.

  Pineman100 16:14 26 Mar 2009

What repair feature are you talking about? Vista has various repair options - more than XP did.

But there are other things to try first. For example, have you tried using System Restore to roll the computer back to a date and time before the problem started?

Just one word of warning - System Restore can take an *extremely* long time to launch in Vista. So if you launch it, and nothing appears to happen, be patient.

Wait... and wait... and wait.... Sooner or later (usually later!) it will appear.

  Sibbo 16:31 26 Mar 2009

The repair feature that would replace any damaged/corrupt system files.

  Sibbo 15:46 29 Mar 2009


  brundle 15:49 29 Mar 2009
  Sibbo 16:28 29 Mar 2009

Just tried that brundle. Thanks.
It showed that nothing is wrong, but my PC keeps on crashing.

  Pineman100 17:44 29 Mar 2009

Did you try System Restore, as I suggested above?

  brundle 18:06 29 Mar 2009

BSODs are more commonly caused by faulty memory or hardware, or incompatible/buggy/outdated drivers.

  Sibbo 18:50 29 Mar 2009

For some reason, my system restore only goes back as far as yesterday??

  Pineman100 12:23 31 Mar 2009

In their dubious wisdom, Microsoft have made it much more complicated to see earlier restore points in Vista, than it was in XP.

Once you've got SR open (and as I said above, you'll get bored waiting for this to happen), click the radio button beside "Choose an earlier restore point". Then click Next.

On the next screen, if you want to go back farther than 5 days, check the box marked "Show restore points older than 5 days.

That should give you a list going back a while.

  Sibbo 12:30 31 Mar 2009

Went for the re-installation of the OS in the end, but it crashed before it completed! Base unit is being collected tomorrow by the manufacturer. Luckily, it's just inside their 2 year guarantee. Thanks all.

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