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  scott1478 02:26 06 Aug 2007

Hi there guys, I have just installed a copy of windows vista ultimate on my pc went though the installation process fine took about an hour or so. On the last stage of the install before it boots to the desktop I get a black screen and it hangs there for about 10-15mins then goes to the preparing your desktop screen and stops there for further 5-10mins. eventually the desktop comes up with the welcome screen hangs there for 5mins and then it seems to run ok but then randomly it will freeze up for about 5mins. (this can be doing anything IE,control panel,device manager etc.) and it keeps on randomly doing this. It also takes about 20-30mins to shut down this also goes to a black screen.

I have done 3 clean installs but it still dose it I thought it might be the graphics card so installed vista without it still the same. I have managed to install the vista drivers and they all seems fine in device manager.

If anyone can help on this I would much appreciate it this is doing my head in.


PC Spec

Intel P4 520 2.Ghz,
1024 MB RAM
MSI RC410M (ms-7173) mobo
Sapphire Radeon HD2400 PRO (256mb) GPU
170GB IDE Primary (vista ultimate) HDD
40GB IDE SLAVE (xp pro) HDD

  brundle 11:03 06 Aug 2007

Have you looked in the Event Viewer? click here

  aine 20:47 06 Aug 2007

Have a look at your ram memory, you really need 2GB,i would have thought to run Vista ultimate

  johnem 21:12 06 Aug 2007

I thought Vista ultimate was only suitable for 64 bit processors and motherboards, but I may be wrong. Definitely agree that you will really need a minimum of 2gb of Ram, this is the maximum your motherboard will support.
Check you power supply is big enough to cope with the demands.
Do you have any programmes running in the background like Norton Security etc, these may be causing some of the slow up.

  scott1478 21:33 06 Aug 2007

No its a 32bit version and PSU should be ok and there are no programs installed only the vista OS.

  [email protected] 22:18 06 Aug 2007

vista utimate 32 bit runs fine with 1 gb, did you run the upgrade advisor, sounds to me like an incompatiblity/ driver problem to me. if you did a clean instal i cant think of anything else. but you wont need 2 gb to boot!

  [email protected] 22:28 06 Aug 2007

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