Vista firewall and virus protection

  badgermansix 23:06 09 Nov 2009

A friend has just bought a laptop with Vista premium(?), upgraded from windowsxp pro.

Any advice please on what freeware wifi security and antivirus protection she could use?
or is the Vista firewall sufficient?

  Woolwell 23:12 09 Nov 2009

The Vista firewall isn't anti-virus. She will need an antivirus at least. The Vista firewall is better than the XP one and may be sufficient as a firewall. There are several threads on free antivirus software, firewalls, malware, etc.
You could look at AVG, Avast, Microsoft's new product and so on. For mal ware Malwarebytes, Spybot are just 2.

  mooly 07:31 10 Nov 2009

I would definitely recommend MSE, and yes for an average user the Vista firewall is fine.

MSE here,
click here

And all you may want to know here,
click here

  swapper 17:02 10 Nov 2009

Thank you both,

So, Vista firewall, will the defualt settings be sufficient do you think?

and Malwarebytes, Avaste, ad-aware, and spybot would be fine?

At the moment she has Macaffee(?) which will expires shortly.


  mooly 17:45 10 Nov 2009

The Vista firewall is fine on it's default settings.

If you change security packages make sure you run the appropriate clean up tool. You must only have one security package running at once... anything that real time scans that resides in RAM will cause conflicts with the main package.

Clean up tools for most are listed together with links here from the forum I put a link too,
click here

  badgermansix 07:33 12 Nov 2009

Thanks very much for the info and links, very interesting.

I just want her to be secure when she is using her laptop away from home.
Vista (default), Spybot, Avaste, Malwarebyte, and A-squared would cover every loophole, or is that ott?

thanks again

  badgermansix 07:39 12 Nov 2009

I should have asked also, should she include MSE and remove some of the above, or keep them all?

thanks again

  Woolwell 09:45 12 Nov 2009

You should not have 2 anti-virus programs running. So Avast and MSE should not be together.

  badgermansix 16:26 13 Nov 2009

Woolwell, thanks for that, of the two, which would be better?

  Woolwell 17:08 13 Nov 2009

Six of one and half a dozen of another really. But it may be better for mooly to advise.

  mooly 12:42 14 Nov 2009

I like MSE... have run it since it was in beta and now in it's final release version.

I only run the one security package, and my "test" has been to image the disk occasionally and install Malwarebytes etc and see what they find. So far nothing. I then go back to the clean disk image.
The trouble with all security programs is that they bury themselves so deeply in the operating system that removal is difficult and when new versions come along you have problems etc.
At least MSE promises good compatability and should be free from all these issues.

No complaints so far with it.

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