Vista does not list router.. again

  theDarkness 15:14 12 Sep 2011

From 11 this morning until 3.30pm, vista has been unable to show my router in its network list, as if its always been switched off/invisible. The routers 'internet' light has always managed to come on however, showing that its always been able to connect to the telephone exchange. I do not know for sure if not seeing the router in vista in its network panel is a router problem (its a generic talktalk Huawei router), a talktalk problem of their own, or vista problem. My mobile phone has been able to find the router and connect to the internet all day. Since I am managing to finally connect on the pc after the umpteenth restart, I am assuming that theres no way to find out what the problem really was. This may not be important-I noticed that the initial finally working correction on the pc showed the router signal as "very good" instead of "excellent" (although it was eventually showing as excellent after I chanced a quick switch off+on of the router a few minutes ago).

This has happened a couple of times before, but it happens for no reason when nothing new has been installed/updated, and could connect the day before. Can anyone recommend any software that will allow me to create an internet connection to my router, instead of having to use vistas own network and sharing centre? Perhaps if the problem ever happens in the future using other software, then I will be able to take the blame off vista (to an extent). Thanks

  onthelimit1 15:43 12 Sep 2011

Windows Zero Configuration is usually considered to be a better way of managing wireless networks than third part software. I've never had a problem with it, so am wondering if the problem is with your wireless adaptor? The router musy be OK as other kit can connect to it, you say.

  theDarkness 16:18 12 Sep 2011

You are probably right :) A major talk talk connection issue would be very unlikely, the mobile was definately working fine, with the router always showed as connected with its internet light. The laptop is a low budget msi vr601 with an atheros ar5007eg adapter. No driver updates are available, but the wireless adapter in the laptop is always stated as 'working properly'. Its a guess between either vista, the wireless adapter, or some kind of incompatibility between them. If it happens in future I could try reinstalling the wireless adapter drivers, if it then works ill know what to do in the worst situation, even if I may not know the precise cause-thanks. ps Ive just noticed I put 3.30pm when I posted at 3.14-I meant 3pm! :)

  theDarkness 16:38 12 Sep 2011

update: identical problem here with the same model of laptop and same wireless adapter not showing perhaps a seperate non vista network utility would not be necessary after all, it seems to be an atheros problem with vista

  onthelimit1 16:43 12 Sep 2011

Atheros are not the greatest - I usually replace them with Broadcom. An alternative, if you have a spare USB port, is this tiny adaptor which works a treat.


  theDarkness 00:22 13 Sep 2011

cheers, that could be the easy option if the internet adapter decides to eventually give up for good and dont want to install an internal one (although the laptops guarantee ran out a fair while ago-if installing anything internally myself may end that guarantee). most network software to replace windows own 'windows network and sharing center' seems to be retail (non freeware). I would imagine plenty of windows users would tell me to stick with the microsoft version anyway if its essentially doing the same job-although how well its doing it im not 100% on, lol. Ill probably not have this laptop forever, and after seeing windows 7 in action an upgrade isnt worth the price for what the machine used for (essentially just browsing and design work). thanks :)

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