Vista Defragmenter?

  ykzn 07:29 16 Oct 2007

I am quite not much satisfied with the integrated defragmenter tha came with Vista. So, can anyone tell me if there is any defragmenter software compatible with,i.e.,for Vista better than its own?

  [email protected] 08:01 16 Oct 2007

this works well, you can defrag 1 disk at a time and it actually shows you the progress. oh and takes minutes not hours. click here

  engsurv 09:18 16 Oct 2007

I have just started to use Auslogics and agree with adman 2. So far so good!

  aine 17:11 16 Oct 2007

I use IObit smart defrag, excellent programme, it works with Vista.My wife has XP it made her PC run better than new

  pcbobby 18:25 16 Oct 2007

I also recommend I0bit smart Defrag

  maghemite 17:28 22 Oct 2007

I recommend Diskeeper Pro. It's a stable and fast defragger for Vista with dual defrag modes, MFT and pagefile defrag etc. Runs very smoothly on my systems.

  rdave13 17:52 22 Oct 2007

Used IOBit for a while but it's still beta and can create some problems when uninstalling. So with adman 2 here and use Auslogics and thanks adman 2 for the info.

  jakimo 18:03 22 Oct 2007

This is cheap and runs automatically in the background without any hassle

click here

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