Vista Defrag

  woodm01 22:32 07 Jun 2009

For some reason Defrag has stopped working. When I right click on the C drive and goto Tools and click Defrag it asks me to say ok to user account control, then nothing happens.

I have scanned the disks with chkdsk to no avail.

Any ideas?

  birdface 22:43 07 Jun 2009

Try in safe mode.

  peter99co 23:24 07 Jun 2009

May be nothing to defrag. Do you operate a scheduled defrag?

  eminesh 05:56 08 Jun 2009

However, using the Windows Vista Defragmentation tool took longer… much longer. To further exaggerate the comparison, we ran the Vista Defragmentation Tool AFTER we had already defragmented that same drive with Contig and PowerDefragmenter. It took 8 minutes alone to analyze the drive. By now, contig.exe and powerdefragmenter would have already finished defragmenting a drive. On top of that, it took Windows Vista 75 more minutes to defragment the hard-drive. As you can easily see, the new tools we will introduce to you will greatly cut your defragmentation time.
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  mooly 07:05 08 Jun 2009

Try Vistas built in tool run from a command prompt. If Command prompt isn't already pinned to the start menu type CMD into the start box and right click it and run as admin.

Defragmenting HDD using command line prompt. Note insert spaces correctly. Or just copy and paste these commands.
1. Right click command line prompt and run as administrator.
2. Type, defrag c: -a -v to generate detailed file report.
3. Type, defrag c: -v -r to run the defragmentation routine.(note this only defrags files> 64MB)
4. Type, defrag c: -v -w to defragment all file sizes.
5. Type, defrag c: -b to defragment boot files.
6. Type, defrag -? To display information help page.
Try 2 in the list to show the state of fragmentation. Should take 3 or 4 minutes to complete.
If you want to defrag all file sizes then run 4 above. That could take 40 minutes or more to finish.

  birdface 08:55 08 Jun 2009

Maybe use this one instead.

click here

It should be much quicker.

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