Vista - Control Panel won't open

  RWBCAM 15:20 12 Aug 2007

Please can anyone tell me if they have had an intermittent problem in Vista where they can't open the Control Panel.

When I boot up Vista the "Welcome Centre" should open at Startup but sometimes the outline box of the Welcome Centre starts to appear and then immediately disappears. When this happens I also find that when I try to open the Control Panel, the same thing happens. I also find that I can't print anything.

Someone did suggest I try to do a Startup repair but I can't get into the appropriate program on the Vista DVD. Maybe my ASUS motherboard has something to do with this?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

  Kate B 15:28 12 Aug 2007

Have you tried a system restore to a point before the problem started happening?

  RWBCAM 16:23 12 Aug 2007

Thanks Kate. Unfortunately it started happening intermittently, almost immediately, before I had managed to do a full backup.

  Kate B 16:29 12 Aug 2007

System restore, not a backup ...

  RWBCAM 21:15 12 Aug 2007

Sorry, I misunderstood. The problem started intermittently as soon as I loaded vista. So there is no earlier point to restore to. Also it's now been a few months, so I would have to re-do a lot of new program loads.

I'm trying to find a solution without going back to reloading Vista etc. It may be a vain hope I guess.

  skidzy 21:24 12 Aug 2007

Try running Winaso click here regopt version (trial)

Many features to winaso and if you need help, let me know.

  backudog 06:55 21 Aug 2007

I'm having this problem too, so far no joy fixing it. also having intermitant problems of other programs/games etc not working and having "----.exe has stopped working" box come up (---- being the name of program) so far vista has been a royal pain, i hope a service pack is on its way soon!

  tullie 14:12 21 Aug 2007

Its not a service pack thats needed,its software vendors not being on the ball,dont blame Microsoft

  sevencoya 04:17 22 Aug 2007

click the round vista button.
where it says start search, type "cmd",then enter.
In the dialog box type "services.msc",then enter
Highlight "Software Licencing" and click "restart" in the upper left corner
Highlight "SL UI Notification Service" and click "start" in the upper left corner
Your done!

This worked for me and is a dumbed down version of what i found here: click here

  RWBCAM 18:58 02 Sep 2007

Just back from hol, so not tried all suggestions yet.

V grateful to skidzy for Winaso. Before leaving I got chance to remove bulk of registry errors (it's slow-10 at a time- but effective). Not had same error since and WOW the PC is running much better in all areas - I am delighted skidzy!!

Wondered if backudog has tried sevencoya's suggestion yet? Result? I will try it. Thanks sevencoya.

  skidzy 20:08 02 Sep 2007

In my opinion Winaso is one of the best programs availble for cleaning up the pc/laptop,though nothing is foolproof.
I have often recommended Winaso on this forum and its helped out on many occasions.

Over the last year Winaso has really got its act together and created more features to the product that certainly helps,especially on Vista machines.

Glad to be of help RWBCAM,though i would recommend the full version over the trial,even for the simple fact of the restore facility within Winaso,not to mention one scan and one click fix.

if you need further help with Winaso and its features,let me know.

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