vista cannot see my sound card

  oldnewsboy 15:07 16 Apr 2007

having upgraded to vista my sound card (creative sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Sound)cannot be seen in device manager in my new Mesh Elite2 E6600SLI

  Technotiger 15:15 16 Apr 2007
  oldnewsboy 11:53 17 Apr 2007

Thanks for the suggestion but we have tried on at least 3 occasions to update the driver but when we try to install it a message comes up that we do not have a sound card installed on the computer.

When selecting sound in the control panel the card also does not show up even though we have removed it and installed back into the computer.

  Technotiger 12:32 17 Apr 2007

Hmmm strange - a total shot-in-the-dark but, is your on-board sound disabled? If not, perhaps that is over-riding what you are trying to do. As I said though, pure guess-work.

Other than that perhaps it is just one of the many Vista hiccups, which may be cured in time.

  oldnewsboy 12:55 17 Apr 2007

Sorry to be thick but where do we find the setting for onboard sound?

Also do you think the sound card although new with the computer in December which was working with xp could be naf!?

  umm (a.nonymous) 17:21 17 Apr 2007

It may be just one of Vistas many hardware problems.

  pk46 17:42 17 Apr 2007

If your sound card spec is showing W2000 OR WXP only then it wont not work on Vista if a driver is availabe as a rule Vista will find it.
You can always type your card into Google for a Vista driver and see what comes up.

  Technotiger 17:44 17 Apr 2007

Settings for on-board (meaning the Motherboard) sound, can be found by going into the BIOS. To get into the BIOS Main Menu it is usually done by pressing Del on the keyboard during startup. The Main Menu window shows clearly what keys to press to navigate through the BIOS. Navigate through to Peripherals and look for Sound A97, check that it is disabled. Then click on F10 to exit and save the BIOS settings.

umm (a.nonymous) ... you are probably right, but the driver in my link above should have solved that!

  oldnewsboy 23:39 17 Apr 2007

Still no luck: have tried all these things but still sound card does not show up the device manager! One point - we do not have an on board sound card on the motherboard which is a Asus P5N32-E SLI.11.XX core 2.

Welcome to Creative hell my friend, visit the Creative forum where you will find a host of X-Fi and Audigy owners putting together a lynch mob.
Its ugly! I have reboxed my Fatal1ty and brought
an X-Meridian thats how bad the situation is for Vista support. You have been warned, good luck and don't forget your helmet.

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